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Help me get my proper bard spells!

20 February 2019 - 08:56 AM

Hello! I installed Rogue Rebalancing before starting a new game and put in quite a few hours before scooping ol' Haer'Dalis. When I leveled him up in Mekrath's sewer joint I was delighted to see the bevy of spell slots he had spanning all the way to 5th spell level at exp level 15. 

We went straightaway to Five Flagons which means I lost him for a bit while fighting my way out of the planar prison, and when I got him back -- he had the additional (mod-added) spells selected to be memorized in his spellbook but they were no longer in "active slots" and therefore were uncastable. 

I rested upstairs and then he had the spells back again! And then minutes to an hour later the next time I checked it was back to the above-mentioned issue -- spells selected to be memorized but no longer in active spell slots so therefore unusable. 


The kicker -- I thought I would brute-force regain those spell slots thru Keeper  (and continue to do so for each level-up) but EE Keeper shows that his "Max can Memorize" spell slots reflect what the mod has introduced per "proper pnp bard spell level progression," even tho actual gameplay does not reflect this.


I've tried reinstalling RR and have done so "successfully," and even tried installing Song and Silence but that for some reason yields a "FATAL ERROR: Sys_error(".\\lang\\en_us\\dialog.tlk: Permission denied")" after a long installation process. 

Thanks for the help and I am trying to provide as much info as possible but now fear I've given y'all a dissertation lmao