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select language and save a game message ?

15 April 2019 - 05:17 PM

Hey all. I have been toying with a mod build using EEmod. I following directions and everything was installing fine. I even managed to install a full game with no issues. I however forgot to add a mod I have been wanting to try so I did a clean install and now i get a message half way through saying to select a language and save a game. I read on other forums this is due to being out of date. My current version is 2.5.17 on windows. Why is this suddenly happening when it worked fine before ?


Sorry to keep posting here. I try to figure this out on my own but I am stupped.


My version is GOG BGEE and BG2ee


BWPS intall tool error

14 April 2019 - 06:06 PM

Hey all. I have decided to play bg ee and bg 2 and install mods using the bws…..the install tool not the PDF.First question is which is the current version and how do I find it ? I looked all over the Leo Watsons download page and only found the PDF not the tool that installs it. Do I just update the one I have now ? I think its v 14 or 15. Also when I do try to use the tool it says I need movie cds for bg2 and it cant find the area files and exe for bg. I have 2.5.17 and have it installed under games and not the program files.

Imoens AC is Stuck at 6

08 April 2019 - 03:08 PM

Hey all. I am playing bg2 EE currently with the following mods. Ajantis for bg2, Aruen Aseph, Items upgrades and bg2 tweek v 1.6......for some reason imoens ac wont change at all its stuck at 6. Any ideas why ?