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Sarevok battle - when was it changed?

14 September 2019 - 10:59 PM

I am curious about something.  I just tried to play the Temple of Bhaal battle and found it challenging, to say the least.  Semaj fires off Death Spell and Flesh to Stone, Angelo seems to have a bottomless quiver of Arrows of Detonation, the enemies all seem to have immunity to a lot of spells and damage types...I looked at some of the files in the Override file with Near Infinity and can see the modifications to make Sarevok's group much tougher.  Angelo for example has a necklace making him immune to lots of spells. All the henchmen start off invisible.


When did this become a part of BGT?  I can find a lot of accounts in various forums of people saying this started around 2010 or so, but in another forum, people swear they have played  BGT often and never run into this. I don't see it anywhere in the BGT readme, nor have I seen it mentioned in release notes that I have read for the period 2012-2009.  But the timestamps of the files in my Override folder make it obvious BGT is the mod that made these changes.


It sounds like it should be an option during install, but I don't recall being asked for a tougher final battle or anything like that.


Any info would be appreciated.

General Attack script not working

03 August 2019 - 02:43 PM

Hello, playing BGT-WiDU and I noticed the General Attack script does not seem to work.  And it resets to None after a load.


I have seen users in the past commenting about this, in 2013, they were going to report it as a bug since it seemed BGT was corrupting aGen.bs somehow.


In the SETUP-BGT.DEBUG file I notice



[bgt/base/bs/agen.bs] loaded, 583 bytes
scripts/agen.bs copied to bgt/backup/0/agen.bs, 417 bytes
Copied [bgt/base/bs/agen.bs] to [scripts/agen.bs]


This seems to indicate BGT is modifying this script somehow. I can't see what the script does with a text editor.


Does anyone know why BGT modifies it, and what it is doing?  Is it safe to replace the broken one I ended up with, with \bgt\backup\0\agen.bs?


Thanks for any insight!  I'd like to have a general attack script where the character attacks with whatever weapon they already have in hand, neither charging nor backing up if they have a ranged weapon equipped.  Basically a "stand and shoot till they reach me then switch to melee" standard front line script.


Install order of mods and how it affects uninstalling

22 July 2019 - 03:17 PM

I have read an offhand reference or two in various places to install order for mods, and how installing something late in the order "made it easier to uninstall" or something along those lines.


I am wondering what this means.  As an example, I just did an install of BGT, and ran the music utility to change the music to BG1.  I then installed the tweak pack and SCS stratagems.


Assuming I get far enough in my game, at some point I will want to switch the music to BG2 music when the Shadow of Amn part starts.  Am I hosed in some way by running the music utility before doing the long, massive tweak installs?  Will I have to do them all over again if I want to change the music?


Just wondering what people mean by installing something late in the order makes it easier to remove later.



Question about installing

20 July 2019 - 08:04 PM



I plan to try a BGT-WeiDU install and playthrough.


I don't have a clear idea of what the map looks like for BGT, and whether this Worldmap mod would be suitable for a game without any content mods, or whether it's just meant for use with mods that add new areas.


Also can someone give me a clue on the install order?  I know it's "megamod" first and then BGT and then other mods, but I am not sure if this Worldmap is considered part of the megamod or not.


The compatibility list says "Revised BP-BGT Worldmap v5 or above" - I don't see the word "revised" anywhere in this mod description and the file does not seem to have a readme.  The download page says the linked readme is out of date and to use the one in the file, but I don't see one in the file.  Any help would be appreciated.