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In Topic: Quayle Project ReDone

15 September 2020 - 10:59 AM

How EET compatible is this?

In Topic: W_PackMule

13 September 2020 - 02:46 PM

How EET compatible is this mod?  The Big World Installer calls it bugged, but I'm unsure which version that uses.

In Topic: shine on caelar isn't recongnized by EET

12 September 2020 - 11:00 AM

Have you asked Roxanne on her forum?

In Topic: [MOD] Longer Road EE

09 September 2020 - 02:19 PM


In Topic: aTweak and Stratagems Test

05 September 2020 - 11:30 AM

DavidW, the author of SCS, seemingly fixed this bug in SCS 33.4.