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Shadows Over Soubar: SHS version or Roxanne's Version?

05 September 2020 - 02:16 PM

What are the main differences between the SHS branch of this mod (v1.15) and Roxanne's (v3)?  I ask since I noticed no easy way to compare versions.


[!] Get the latest EET compatible Fishing For Trouble version on G

11 July 2020 - 08:17 PM


For a more general link as to where to download Fishing for Trouble's latest version instead of a static link to 3.2.5, visit Jasey's link below:

Just as the title says!  (Get the latest version on GitHub as of this writing, 3.2.5!)


(HELP WANTED) A Mini Mod to let PCs become Luches

11 June 2020 - 05:47 PM

I wrote this today, June 11, 2020, around 6:30PM Pacific Time.

This is plainly a request for another modder to make a seemingly simple mod while I cheer you on and encourage you from the Internet.

Technically, the skills most likely needed are scripting.

The intent is to allow the main character and perhaps other party members become liches with the relevant 2e DND stats associated. I am unfamiliar with 2e Lich stats but 3.5 Lich stats are here: https://www.d20srd.o...nsters/lich.htm

Story and quests are optional. Requiring something so characters can craft a phylactery seems fitting but it need not be extensive. Lichdom in 3.5 is a rare opt in template that doesnt require a specific birth like half-Minotaur nor a host creature to transform you like vampire.

This seems most fitting as a BGII mod since liches are mod or high level casters.

The mod must be EET and Project Infinity compatible.

I post this here in large part because it seems simple. Templates in BG for player characters have seemed like they should have been in higher demand to mod in. The closest we have is the Vampire World mod.


Mod for the Wicked: EET Compatibility

08 June 2020 - 11:46 PM

How EET compatible is this mod?


(Delete the other post in this forum on the same topic.  I'm unsure how that got there.)

EET Compatibility?

08 June 2020 - 11:20 PM

Greetings, @shed!

This mod intrigues me.  I want to use it with EET but also want everything to be compatible first.

What's the status on compatibility?