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Drizzt Saga help, please

12 March 2020 - 05:17 PM

I have the Drizzt Saga installed, as well as other MODs and have an issue, or the issue is me.  I appear to be stuck and cannot get back to the BGEE game and maps.  I cannot find an exit, have tried to move to area via CLI and I get a response that the area ( map ) does not exist.  I was in one map area, hit X to verify where I was, exited to a different area and tried to CLI back where I was and I got the response that the area does not exit, although I could easily exit the map and go back to the area that I was in.  All of the map locations on the BGEE world map show as destination unreachable.  

I would like to know how or what I need to do to be able to exit the Saga maps and re-enter the standard BGEE game/ maps.  I do hope that I explained myself properly, please ask me if you need any additional information that would help you help me.


BTW, this MOD was very fun to play.

Thank you in advance for your time