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In Topic: Walkthrough for Isra quests?

21 March 2020 - 05:52 AM

On the old post which tipped me off towards Alia, the mod author mentioned use of console commands to get the second quest to spawn. Specifically, one "rh#IsraQuestTimer"... which should supposedly be returning some value. For that particular gentleman, it happened to be 784409. So I followed in the ways of the enlightened old masters that once inhabited this great citadel, and unlocked the cosmic powers that be BG2EE Console Commands. 


I make the edits to Baldur.lua, boot up the game, and press Ctrl+Space as the fabric of reality shifts and the legendary Console Textbox itself materializes before me. Reality can be whatever I want... 


I may have used this arcane contraption to gain immense wealth, transcend mortality and become undying as if I were a lich, or even max out all my ability scores to become a walking god upon the surface of Toril. But you see, I am a man of focus. I had but one goal in mind. And so it was, grinning at my well-earned victory, that I typed in the words I had unearthed from the ancient forum posts - rh#IsraQuestTimer


"[string "rh#IsraQuestTimer"]: 1 : syntax error near '#'"


I am undone. 

In Topic: Walkthrough for Isra quests?

20 March 2020 - 12:31 PM

Did a little more research on these forums. Found out there's this character called Alia Ghadir in the Seven Dales inn (Waukeen's Promenade of Athkatla), who is connected to the second quest triggering. So I've just been constantly chatting her up. She's Isra's sister I think. They're not on good terms, mostly just snap at each other. Still I'm strolling around the city waiting for the quest to trigger, periodically hitting up the Seven Dales to pester Alia. 


No luck so far, unfortunately. Is this second quest supposed to only unlock before the finale or something? I'm already at the part where you're working with the elves to hunt down Bodhi for the artifact that leads to the elven city. Or is there yet another piece of the puzzle I'm overlooking here...

In Topic: Walkthrough for Isra quests?

20 March 2020 - 11:56 AM

Hey, anybody know how to get the rest of her questline? I finished the first quest, started the romance, went on the whole Spellhold adventure and now I'm in chapter 6 but I never got another quest from her, even though the romance part is progressing just fine. Some folks in these forums are saying there should be more content with the Jysstevs though... 


Once again - anybody got even a rough walkthrough of the quests and/or quest requirements of the quests in this mod? It's a pretty complex mod, and information online is quite sparse, what with this being unofficial content and all. 

In Topic: Walkthrough for Isra quests?

17 March 2020 - 09:55 AM



In the Council of Six Building, there is one guy called Corneil. He is a BioWare NPC, intended for selling you the magic license. At the very bottom of the list of questions you can ask him, there is an option to ask him who GD is, for Isra's quest. He will not prove to be of much help, but right as you leave the building after making that inquiry, you will be approached by a new NPC (called Phaedra or something) who will point you in the right direction for the quest. From there onward it's fairly straightforward.

In Topic: Second quest won't progress.

17 March 2020 - 07:43 AM

I know this thread is years old but I'll try anyway -


Anybody know what I'm supposed to do in the Government District to progress the story? I'm supposed to be looking for some Cowled Wizard but the only one I can find has nothing to say about Isra, he's a Bioware NPC connected to the Valygar quest. You guys were talking about some Tyran priest? Some Taren in a government building? I haven't seen either of these guys in my game. Is this a bug?