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installation order

09 May 2021 - 02:32 PM



After a close look at the Readme, I am a bit lost with the installation order of this mod in conjunction with infinity animation.


If I read correctly component 101 Core paperdolls (main component) should be installed after IA : "New in this version is detection and native support for Infinity Animations". But if I do so, I can't install component [106-109]1ppv4: Female Dwarves and [110-112]1ppv4: Thieves Galore -- the installer won't let me.


In addition, as written in the readme for Thieves Galore : "due to the way patching is currently handled, the component will fail if Infinity Animations is already installed. To resolve this issue, install IA after this component". This is not possible if component 101 is installed after IA.


However, it there is no installation issue if 1pp is installed before IA. I have access to both additions Female Dwarves and Thieves Galore and I haven't see any bugs.


what is the drawback ? Is there some incompatibilities or gliches by doing so ?

BGT Graphics Overhaul

03 April 2021 - 04:06 AM

Thanks for this great mod.

There is a small issue in the tp2 file. line are :
        _bird => 1
        _eagle => 1
       _vultur => 1
        _seagul => 1

the line should have been :
        bird => 1
        eagle => 1
        vultur => 1
        seagul => 1

[114] 1ppv4: Softer Spell Effects - CTD

11 January 2021 - 02:07 PM


I had recently tried this mod, and it is clearly amazing. Thanks for all the works behind this mod.

After trying to use the component 114 - softer spell effect, I enconter CTD when the game uses some fire effect (CTD during the introduction scene with Irenicus for example) - it sends me the following assertion failed: ChDataTypes.cpp at line 1591

After some researches, I find that it might come from a corrupt BAM. So I checked the BAM and nothing wrong on this side: I deleted all BAM from the override folder - this doesn't solve the issue.

So I decided to reinstall the component and quote the "// 3. FIRE EFFECTS AND HITS" part in the 114_effects.tph file and the game work fine with no CTD. After snitching a little bit more, I find that this bug seems to come from the line 533 in component 114_effects.tph : changing "%value2% <= 0xFFFF AND %value2% >= 0x100" by "%value2% <= 0xFFFF AND %value2% > 0xFF" solve this issue.


I am no modder, So I don't understand why this work but, it works.

I play with BG2 classic, on a laptop with a nvidia 970M, this bug can be reproduced when installing only the component: [114] 1ppv4: Softer Spell Effects on a clean BG2 install.


Thank you for this great mod

Random treasure

10 December 2020 - 09:50 AM


I am not sure if it is the right place for this post but let me explain: when I use the component "Change creature gold carried" the random treasure table get fill with stars (*) - this is not the issue.

After that when I open a create with random loot I might find an empty groud item box that bloc all my inventory. Does anyone know of this bug and is there a way to get rid of it without changing every star for the rnd table for another value?

I play with BGT and some others mods but the game is reacting the same way with the component "Change creature gold carried" alone.