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[Release] Valen Mod For Enhanced Edition

23 December 2020 - 04:36 PM

Hi everybody!


I know this project is inactive but I just wanted to share a port of the Valen Mod to the enhanced edition I just released. It also includes, rebalancing, rewritting and additional content. 


Happy to take feedbacks/ ideas /complaints / thoughts on what the perfect Valen Mod should be. Everything is on github (https://github.com/hellmouse/valen_ee) and I also made an annoncement on the IE/Modding forum with more infos http://www.shsforums...d-edition-mod/.


Also, I know Thorium Dragon is not very active, but if anyone has heard from him, or knows a way to contact him I could try to integrate his work to the new mod myself.



[Release] Valen Enhanced Edition Mod

23 December 2020 - 04:24 PM

Hi everyone,


I am totally new on this forum, but I just wanted to share a mod I have been working on for the past weeks. I am currently writing an Enhanced Version of Westley Weimer's Valen Mod. For those who don't know this mod, this mod makes Valen (one of the Bodhi's sbires) a joinable NPC. She is a chaotic evil vampire fighter/thief with many NPC interactions. This was one of the first mod that allowed you to really play an evil playthrough without disadvantage (lack of evil thief, less rewarding evil path from siding with Bodhi to killing Adalon etc.). Unfortunately, this mod was never ported to the enhanced edition.


Here the content of Valen Enhanced Edition:


- Full compatibility with Enhanced EditionRebalancing of the mod: the original Valen was known to be quite overpowered and game breaking. I strive to make her progression consistent with the Bhaalspawn one (while keeping her original powers).

- Better scripting: Westley Weimer's code is quite old, some of the scripts were a bit drastic and unstable. One of the original scripts, for instance, made all the non evil priests hostile to the party, potentially breaking the game or some of the quests.

- More detailed Valen background, and story, with more NPC interactions (specially her relationship with Bodhi)

- And many things still in development, from Romance to quests, depending on the feedbacks I will get. 


Here is the mod current version (stable on latest EE PC version): https://github.com/hellmouse/valen_ee (you can download it from github, installation instructions are on the read me)


It is only available in English for the moment, although most of the original content is already translated so translation work would only be required for the new content (if you want to help on translation, don't hesitate to reach out !). I will probably add a French translation (my native language) when (if) the Enhanced Edition gets its French translation.   


Don't hesitate to give it a try!


I would be very happy to take any feedback, whether you want to play-test the mod, or have idea/expectation about it, or even if you played the original Valen Mod and want to share your thoughts about it.