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18 February 2021 - 09:30 PM

Hello, I hope it's ok if I bump this since it references the question I have.  So I finished the Citadel Quest, got the Symbol of Helm, and cleared out the Orc King Tomb.  I got the Ghotal's armor, but didn't see find a sword.  I had already cleared out the Cult, so I can access the Orc Shaman Cave.  It seemed like that's what's next, but when I go in, I get attacked by the Catacomb Warder and all his friends.  The fight seems a massive step up over anything I've experienced so far, so my question is, did I miss something? If I had this sword that's mentioned, do they not immediately attack?


EDIT:  Nevermind!  I ended up drawing groups of them out at a time and it became manageable.