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Question about feature/bug: change to the NoAction() script action

09 December 2021 - 11:17 PM

Update: If anyone else runs into this issue with their own scripts, it's fixed in the DLL file linked in this post.



Hi, I noticed installing ToBEx (v26 or v28) core component changes the NoAction() script action to remove Modal states (Find Traps, Turn Undead, etc.). I didn't see any mention of this in the TobEx_ini.txt. Anyone know if this is intended behavior or a bug? It's different from not only the unmodded game, but also other IE games, including the EEs, IWD1, and IWD2.

I was thinking it was unintended, since there are already ways to remove a Modal state, without taking any obvious action, such as using ClearActions() or setting a short timer. The change removes an easy way to maintain a Modal state, while preventing other script blocks below it from running.

I did figure out that disabling the "Expanded Actions" hack in TobExCore.ini reverts the change, but doing that will also remove some other stuff.