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12 March 2023 - 04:53 PM

Due to technical reasons, a PID always needs to be last in an dialogue file. It could be that one of your other mods added a dialogue for Sarevok but didn't give it high enough weight, and Sarevok Romance was installed before this mod, leading to the so called stutter bug where the NPC tries to start a dialogue but the engine can't call it because it's "below" the PID, leading to a stutter with the PID popping up every time.


One way to prevent this is to install NPC mods always after other mods that might add dialogues for them. NPC mods should always go after quest mods, anyway. (Also, if you install e.g. the Flirt Pack from PPG, install it late after all NPC mods to prevent this bug from happening).



Thank you, Jastey  :) I know about the load order and I installed Sarevok Romance after the quest mods for SoA part and got this stutter bug in the first place XD I reinstalled everything yesterday - Ascension, Wheels of Prophecy, Sarevok Romance (in that order) and other mods in right order after these mods - and romance mod started to work properly. Idk if it matters but I've tested  ToB with new created character. If bug will happen again with my main character... Well, it will be bad  :(

In Topic: Bug Report Thread

12 March 2023 - 12:00 AM

Hello everyone. The mod has a very unpleasant bug: after the first dialogue with Sarevok, the romance dialogues do not go through the PID. Sarevok gets stuck in the dialog state, but the dialog itself doesn't start. The game cannot be saved because it is impossible to save during dialogue. If you do not speak with Sarevok through PID, then the his default dialogues go, but not from the mod. Mods installed on the Throne of Bhaal: Ascension and Wheels of Prophecy (latest versions). I don't have a weidu log, because I had to reinstall the game without this mod. Game: BG2:EE. Sorry for my English, its not my native. And I know that mod was updated in 2019, but maybe someone will see this and fix this mod breaking bug. 

Edit: BG2:EE with only Sarevok Romance installed is working fine. But I cannot play ToB anymore without Ascension and Wheels of Prophecy :(

Edit2: I've tested again with Ascension, Wheels and Sarevok installed... And I'm feel myself kinda stupid - these mods are working just how they should 0_0 Now I'm thinking what might have caused tthat bug with dialog...