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Help! Info Requested.

12 June 2005 - 08:22 PM

Hello All,

After a long break, I dusted off my copy of BG2 with TOB, reinstalled it, and then came back to the communities to update my mod archives.

I was somewhat surprised to see that CtB, TS, SOS, NEJ, BGT, TDD, BP have all been converted to WeiDU versions. Remembering that WeiDU was non-invasive and thus WeiDU mods tend to work with other WeiDU mods, I downloaded them over several weeks, and attempted to install TS, SOS, and NEJ.

TS had a few errors trying to install the WeiDU file, and BG2 consistently crashed on attempting to load a new game.

For SOS, WeiDU burped an error message along the lines of
override/it0100.tis - error - file too big for weidu.

And NeJ2v30b craps out WeiDU before starting to install.

I did a few searchs and crawled the forums some, but as before with the BG2 mod community I seem to be looking in the wrong areas and have had a hard time finding info on making them work. So, I figure I would save myself some energy and ASK:

Is there any particular install order for the bigger WeiDU mods? Is there any known incompatibilities between them? Do the WeiDU versions still work with BP, is BP required? Feel free to chip in with any other insights, I've been away for years and things are different enough that I feel like a complete newb again. Alternately, if these questions have already been answered, please reply with a link to the right thread.

Many thanks!