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In Topic: 2nd part: Couple more bugs - might have been mentioned

18 December 2005 - 08:12 AM

Still behind in Versions, I'm on V2.0, I'll have a crack at the new version when I play with a new character.

Guess I'll try and skip the fisherman thing.  It's not vital to the entire 2nd part is it?

Oscar and Philmar.  FIRST time I played I visited the senile priest guy, then went to the tarvarn where they both ran outside after some dialog and I was then attacked.  Sound enough.  SECOUND time I went to the theatre first and then was attacked (not infront of the theatre mind you).

Lothar's room: had no party scripts on (don't use them).

I know you might have solved some of these issues in your new version but thought I better say something just incase they were missed.

In Topic: Drink Drink Drink

18 December 2005 - 08:04 AM

Fair enough - just typing out loud, getting my two bits worth, blowing the trumpet, yadda yadda

In Topic: Drink Drink Drink

18 December 2005 - 07:02 AM

This has been up before, yes. It's a hilarious idea, but I think that finishing it would be a hell of a job tho... with all the NPCs and modded ones included.

I'm not really thinking about drunken interjections from NPCs but more random events.  They don't even need to be cutscenes per say.  Perhaps something like the dialog that is displayed when you rest in the woods and are attacked by monsters



"You hear a rustling, spring to you feet and have eight eyes peering at you.  It can't be anything else but a poisonous spider!" --------or whatever


"You swill down your umpteeth drink and stagger back to fall on the floor, your comrades laugh at the drunken stuppor you've fallen into.  As you bashfully and misco-ordinatally pick yourself up you realise your gold pouch is missing!  You have had 250gp pick pocketed"

In Topic: Pelltar does not show up

17 December 2005 - 06:37 PM

Hi there.

I'm having quite a problem. I wanted to start the SoB story, but no one is showing up at the temple of Lathander. No Pelltar or anything. Anyone got any idea of what I can do? Maybe summon using the console or?


I know Billybob is saying Nashkel but he only turned up when the after the bandit camp bit for me

In Topic: Second part

11 December 2005 - 06:08 PM

Nope, still crashes after the scene where the baron is mudered. I playing V2 btw. Hohum, guess I'll have my characters check out ulgoths beard while I'm waiting for a patch