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Drink Drink Drink

18 December 2005 - 06:11 AM

This may have already been suggested and it''s not my original idea in the first place, but a mod that elaborates on the ALCHOHOLIC (edit) social side of these games wouldn't go a miss.

I think it was the RPG magazine White Dwarf that used to put extra rules and props for your games in their mag and one time they added a drinking table for 'Warhammer Adventures' I think it was called.

The way it worked was that when I character deceided to go to a pub inbwtween adventures, when they've become ineberated every drink they had from there they had to roll of an event table.  Man different things (good and bad) could happen from being pick pocketed, winning a card game, learning a sea chanty that you could later use as a battle cry, even wake up next morning with a horrid tatoo (the tattoo was deceided by the other players).  Games like Baldur's Gate and Morrowind could learn from this.  The closest I've ever seen I believe was Planescape.

2nd part: Couple more bugs - might have been mentioned

17 December 2005 - 06:46 PM

* Sailor is cave goes hostile if hostile lizards are attack - similar bug as the one where you attacked the mercinaries in Baldur's and the civvies go hostile (anyone know a way around this?)

* Those assasins appear outside the inn if you visit the bard chap in the theatre PLUS the two chaps you kill will then be magically alive inside (can't remember their names)

* Unless you have Fabio with you Peltar doesn't give you the button, string and ruby OR mark the other town on your map (I orginally had fabio in my party, dumped him before I went back to the swoard coast - THEN got him back from the same spot in the 2nd part - only then would Peltar give me the items, mark my map and leave)

* Lothar's traps in his room do NOT need to be spotted as they have been automatically for some reason

Anyhow - if anyone's got a work around for the lizard problem (other from simply avoid hurting them!) can you post me it?

CRAP!!! Really NEED help with being marooned!

07 December 2005 - 02:40 PM

This is BAD karma.  I just know it!

Ok, I'm stuck in town because this damn mod keeps crashing when Peltar sends me back to the temple.  No prob I think so I use the console comand to send me back, trouble is I'm on TUTU so the comands are sending me to locations in BG2!  Please, can someone give me a solution - I don't want to start this chracter AGAIN!
:crying:   :crying:   :crying:


HA, God bless search engines.  Fixed it, mwaha!

Good mod so far - compliments and criticisms

07 December 2005 - 09:36 AM

Just completed the first half of this mod so far and it's definently been enjoyable, dialogs it good, a few cool battles and I like the maps.  I few gripes of mine are though:

:mellow: - I've seen a couple of people concerned about how much experience you get which could throw of the game.  I  don't really feel that myself but there is definently far too many magical items.  Yes they are usually only +1 items but the 'feel' of BG1 for me was finding a +1 item was a BIG thing!  If it had even more abilities it was orgasmic even.  That feeling has dissapeared now.

:mellow: - Some enemies are deceivingly hard.  Skeleton Archers are a good example at Bone Hill, ok it's no Wriath but it did happen a couple of times where I thought 'easy, send in Garrick' and then left with nothing but Garrack pie.  It would be good if you had some sort of visual indicator they weren't your average enemies (fancy discription, colouring?)

:mellow: - If your roleplaying there's not much incentive to play through unless your good.  I played through as a CN mercinary like fighter and I kept thinking 'why the hell would my character be doing these quests - he's getting no financial reward or anything'.  Pelltar is to reffered to as 'hiring' you but you don't get anything.  Plus there's not really many options to be evil.

:mellow:  - The magic shop guy says he's has items from other worlds.  It's a shame he doesn't have anything realy adnormal like in Planescape, same about Fabio whose been to Sigil apparentl

A couple of bugs (already been mentioned on the board but what they hey:

:o  - If I open the lighthouse door it 'closes' and locks and is unable to be lock picked

:o  - Welcar kicks my ass (or at least tries, hehe) if I got my familiar out

:o  - first time I played I didn't have the right world map installed so I fobbed it off but when I went back to the temple on the main land I had that crazy cult after me even though I litterally never heard of the staff they were on about.  It's only now after my playthrough with the world map installed I know what they are crying about

:o  - Fabio's equipment is unusable even though has it on him.  I figured what the hell and took him onboard but didn't take his equipment off him, when he levelled up though it all 'came off' him to put it.  I've only noticed one other person point this out but no-ones mentioned a solution

:o  - not a bug but more a query, did you get rid of Tomoko or whatever her name was?  Saverok's lass that youencounter just before you enter the temple of Bhall.  Where is she?  I hate loose ends...

the BIGGEST bug which is stopping me from getting back to the sword coast and continuing is when I go to peltar having completed the first part.  He begins to teleport me back and then I get a crash back to my desktop.  Can anyone tell me how to fix this, or a work around?  I don't really fancy using the console to teleport back as I'm afraid it may affect the secound part of the mod.

Anyhow, good work you guys.   :woot:  You working on anything else now or enjoying 'the world' for a bit?