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Music question

10 February 2006 - 01:40 AM

I'm currently playing through RTT and I'm having a great time. (though I'm very glad I elected to play a sorcerer with the Emotion spell as one of his spell choices... don't know how I would have survived all those horribly tough monsters otherwise. Particularly those insta-killing spiders I ran into early on in the Wyvern Pit)

Now, I particularly enjoy the music. The maintheme is great, it almost feels like Baldurs Gate music style-wise, but many of the other tracks are great too. I frequently find myself unwilling to leave an unimportant area because I'm waiting for the music to finish.

The question now is: is it possible to extract that music from the game so I can listen to it elsewhere? I know it's possible with the normal BG2 music, using the ACM converter, but I haven't found any RTT ACMs except the maintheme. Any help with this?