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Crommandar Dragons Hoard

20 May 2006 - 11:57 AM

He has a Ravanger, carsomy +6 like 20k+ gold a kithinx figurine and soem decent armor just liying on the floor, I remember a while back that another fellow poster asked the same question and was given a file to remove those, I searched but am not able to find it, does anyone still has it, and can you please post it? Thanks in advanced

Resting On chateu Irenicus encounter question

19 May 2006 - 11:41 PM

When I rest on gives the first dungeon I get a encounter with 1 mage, 1 archer and a couple of regular shadow thieves, the problem is they just stand there staring at me and don't attack me exept for the archer, is there anything thats screwing up? I have installed only  Off latest patch+BD+CTB+1.7Fix+SOS+Freedoms reign+reign of virtue+Dingos Quest pack+G3Tweakpak(only the avatar script,  armor spellcasting and armor hiding)+Bp176 and Worldmap

EDIT: FIXED, yup it was Quest packs Eocounter Component

Should I Install BP w/o TDD?

17 May 2006 - 05:45 PM

So far I encountered a bug on the adventurers mart where the first 2 items are thorwable daggers that cannot be dropped/sold or used, a platemail armor with out any names or info(just blank and no description) on a drawer in one of the tree towns in Khuldunar but thats not big of a deal at all. I haven't experienced any part of the mods story(is there even any? :huh: ).  Also I noticed that my priests npc or any other npcs doesn't get any of the spells from the mod, I reinstalled BP AI so Ai so that might be the cause but im not sure :( . Anyhow I would like to know if I will be missing much, if it will remove a lot of conflicts so I have room with other mods or if will stay the same but without any extra features that tdd added.

Thnx in advanced   :rolleyes:

Installing NEJ65 on top BP help

07 May 2006 - 07:39 PM

I followed the instructions exactly as found http://www.shsforums...9995&hl=install on erebusant sigg, but after I insttalled it a newer version of NEJ was relased just after 3 days :wacko:.

I loved NEJ and would like to check the new version, but the install took me like 2 hours plus I spent too much time just on NEJ alone(im on the severed hand, took me longer to get there than finishing the main quest of Bg2). My question is how do I go installing the newer version without messing up, should I just Install it on top of the old version? reinstall completely?

Thanks in advanced

Cannot use weapons from CTB

20 February 2006 - 11:59 PM

I installed TBP so far no problems, exept that the weapons and armors(amulets boots work fine) on CTB appear red and are unusble(even tho my character meets the requirements), other weapons work perfectly, is there anyway to fix it? here are the list of my current mods since im sure one of these is the reason:

MODs from TBP(exept for BGT)

AshesOfEmbers_v26(sesible weapon restriction is installed, I uninstalled and still have the same prob)

Weimer-Ease of use



opp paperdolls

thanks in advanced