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In Topic: Imoen Romance... still waiting for ToB-Part?

04 December 2009 - 09:38 AM

Here's the new temporary forum that Caldur setup just before the forum got shutdown [can't post anymore] :

Not very active, but you can contact some members or talk about the mod there :)

As for the status of the ToB part of Imoen Romance...
Lord M SHOULD be working on it still.  His last update was earlier this year, and I believe it was stated he won't give out progress reports; just, it'll be done when it's done.  I think he will finish it as long as he hasn't lost it; due to the amount of work already finished on it.  It was already in beta or more.

Lord M the creator of the mod rarely every talks on the forum anyways...  But, it would be nice to hear from him; just to make sure he's okay.  Might try to contact someone who is able to reach him.

I sure hope ToB part gets released pretty soon :o  Otherwise how will I finish my current game :o