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01 November 2010 - 01:54 PM

I guess porting bat to sh makes some sense since both have the same approach.

I was mainly thinking about the work that comes after writing the batch file/shell script itself. But maybe they don't need a lot of work once they're written, in which case I guess it'd be no big deal needing to do it twice.

My program is a translator, taking .BAT files as input and creating (hopefully) corresponding Bash scripts. It's written in Bash because it's based on Loriel's TuMac, and I just kept extending it to handle more and more complex scripts.

****Note that I updated the attachment in the previous post.****

In Topic: BiG World Project for Macs

01 November 2010 - 11:59 AM

I did some more testing....Any idea how to solve this?

***EDIT: New version; fixes a problem with running the Fixpack.

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31 October 2010 - 05:07 PM

1. The messages from the folder /BWPmods/BiG World Installpack/temp are not read. I get messages like this: /tmp/2141-bs.sh: line 8: /BiG World Installpack/temp/@1: No such file or directory

This is as I noted in my previous post: the added %CD% to the file name in 9.5. I'll fix it.

2. As you see in the message above, the cyrillic characters are wrongly displayed. Instead of ">1@> ?>60;>20BL 2 Leonardo's BiG World Mod-Installation v9.4" it should be "Добро пожаловать в Leonardo's BiG World Mod-Installation v9.4" The messages are saved in Unicode for correct displaying. It seems, the translation file ignores it accidentally.

The message files are in 16-bit Unicode chars, and my scripts run only with 8-bit chars (LANG=C). The message files are translated to 8-bit; the gibberish is the chars that can't be translated.

3. I tried to add some lines specific for Mac, however, it fails:

SET MAC=%IF% "Baldur's Gate II"
SET NMAC=%IFN% "Baldur's Gate II"
SET MACIE="..\Tales of the Swordcoast
SET MACIG="..\Legenden der Schwertküste

I got this error message instead:

RETURN to run BiG World Install
/BGII - SoA/BGII - SvA/BWPmods/BiG World Install.sh: line 420: syntax error near unexpected token `;'
/BGII - SoA/BGII - SvA/BWPmods/BiG World Install.sh: line 420: `  if [[ -e Baldur\'s\ Gate\ II && ! -e %MAC!G%\ GOTO\ :TOBCHECK ]]; then ; fi'

The error is correct. You mistyped %MACIG% as %MAC!G%. Also %MACIE% should be "..\Tales of the Sword Coast
and I think you need a terminating ". Actually, BWInstaller.sh works as is; it sets everything up so there's no need to do any special checking.

The idea was to add the differing path names and file checks (for the BGII ToB 2.1.2 patch for example) for Mac to the install.bat.

On the Mac the directories can be anywhere, and you can have more than one (I have four). BWInstaller.sh will ask where they are when it needs them. You'll find this humorous: I set them up as symbolic links in C:/Program Files/Black Isle/BGII - SoA

Or checks the Mac installer already for the patch?

There are no patches for Mac TotSC. BWInstaller.sh will complain if you're not running ToB 2.1.2.

4. The point "M O D S D E S E L E C T I O N" is accidentally skipped by the Mac installer. However, it is displayed quite at the end of the installation after the "Clean-Up" message

I'll check it out.

Drop of bitterness: On an Intel Mac it takes a long time to load the game (about one minute) and even more time to save.

Alternatively, you could run the Windows version of BG2 in Crossover Games. It emulates Windows library calls but basically runs native. You'd then also be able to use mods that modify the executable like TobEx and IA (but not the Widescreen mod).

In Topic: BiG World Project for Macs

28 October 2010 - 01:30 PM

First I noticed a malfunction when running the batch file: The messages from the folder /BWPmods/BiG World Installpack/temp are not read. Instead I got messages like this:
/tmp/87448-bs.sh: line 8: /BiG World Installpack/temp/@81: No such file or directory
However the files named @1, @2, @3 and so on are existing in the provided folder. I assume it is because of its name. How to read them during the installation?

The definition of variable TXT changed in BWInstallpack 9.5, with a %CD%\ added to the front of the file. There is no variable CD defined so when translated the filename has a / prepended, which looks for the file in the root directory instead of the current working directory. What does %CD% mean?

I also noticed I have to do some adaptations to my install.bat for installation on a Mac. That regards the checks at the beginning and the pathnames for Baldur?s Gate. Please let me know if there are more changes to do.

You probably want to SET MAC=%IFN% "Baldur's Gate II" since I create a null-filled BGMain.exe so some mods will load, BGT for example.

I shortly played BGI for the first time on a Mac OSX! It takes a long time (about one minute) before ?Baldur's Gate II? or ?Baldur's Gate II Lev 1? starts. I thought already, the installation failed. Is this normal?

Yep. I assume you have an Intel Mac; Mac BG2 is Power-PC only. MacOSX automatically translates it using Rosetta into x86 code first.

Also saving and loading a savegame takes a long time. Beside this, the progress bar round the BG icon doesn?t close (it goes only three-quarters if it shows at all)

It's probably byte-swapping since all the data files except Chitin.key are in x86 order. And then Rosetta has to add code that swaps it back.

The walking speed of the avatar is a little slower than on a PC (It is the same machine, except that I started the PC in BootCamp before.

Is this a normal behavior?

I don't know, but it's safe to assume the PC version executes faster than the Mac version.

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25 September 2010 - 11:08 AM

Who was that masked man!?