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In Topic: Haiass

29 June 2020 - 06:06 PM

About " Xvart Caverns", I can tell you that playing it on BG 2 engine is very different experience from playing on vanilla  BG:TOS ( and much easier it seems ).

I can imagine that with all of those mods, it'd be similar to BWP, and I may need to scale it accordingly, as some of the Aurora optional components aimed at doing for the whole game in general. I'll have to think of some way of doing that for the specific mod itself (e.g., make xvarts beefier if it detects stuff like reaver kit and Blackrazor +20 installed, though that would mean it would have to go near the end of the install, at least such an optional scaling component). Anyway, this is derailing the Haiass thread by a country mile, so if you have other comments, we have a (somewhat defunct) subforum for XC here or you can PM me other observations or suggestions (I get notifications here usually but not on G3 for some reason).

In Topic: How to add travel point to existing area

29 June 2020 - 05:55 PM

Speaking of dementia and preventing extra work, I forgot WeiDU has (and has had like forever) an inbuilt command-line option to generate a searchmap patch, which is almost certainly what I used for the Aurora code above. The only difference is I added a SOURCE_SIZE check (not strictly necessary) and concatenated adjacent WRITE_BYTEs into WRITE_SHORTs for the sake of brevity.


So basically, you put the original searchmap and your version (edited with DLTCEP or NI) in the same folder with WeiDU and type something like this from the command line:

weidu.exe --cmp-from orig.bmp --cmp-to new.bmp --out patch.tpa

And it generates a patch to turn the one file into the other. Although I haven't looked at it, weigo's function seems a bit redundant given the relative ease of this. Maybe it does something beyond this, but 2da files seem unnecessary if all you want to do is alter a searchmap.

In Topic: Ferthgil Trollslayer problem

27 June 2020 - 08:59 PM

As requested here is the entries from the log file...

Wait a second... isn't Ferthgil a DSotSC NPC? I don't see that in your log; did you uninstall it or something?

In Topic: How to add travel point to existing area

27 June 2020 - 08:54 PM

Do I really need to patch Nashkel Mines' BMP file or I can do this programmatically? 

Yes to both: you can patch a search bitmap programmatically (via WeiDU), but there aren't any handy macros. Basically, you want to diff the two files, the original and your change with the new exit, using WinDiff or another such utility. That gives you the differences you can patch, which really shouldn't amount to a whole lot of code. Here is an example of that from the Aurora's Shoes code. The first block patches the area (.are) file itself to add a travel area, an entrance, and an animation for a new interior subarea. The second block patches the search bitmap so that the party can approach the entrance that was otherwise in impassable terrain. The relevant code amounts to only 10 lines.

COPY_EXISTING ~%nnsh%.are~ override //North Nashkel Road entrance
    LPF fj_add_are_structure
      fj_type         = 2    //travel
      fj_box_left     = 3602
      fj_box_top      = 627
      fj_box_right    = 3674
      fj_box_bottom   = 721
      fj_cursor_index = 30   //door
      fj_vertex_0     = 3602 + (703 << 16)
      fj_vertex_1     = 3674 + (721 << 16)
      fj_vertex_2     = 3674 + (643 << 16)
      fj_vertex_3     = 3616 + (627 << 16)
      fj_structure_type   = region
      fj_name             = Door4301
      fj_destination_area = ag4301
      fj_destination_name = Exit4300
    LPF fj_add_are_structure
      fj_loc_x       = 3690
      fj_loc_y       = 764
      fj_orientation = 1   //SSW
      fj_structure_type = entrance
      fj_name           = Exit4301
      some_unknown_offset = fj_return_offset
    WRITE_SHORT some_unknown_offset + 0x28 64
    LPF fj_add_are_structure
      fj_loc_x       = 3609
      fj_loc_y       = 674
      fj_flags       = 0b00000000000000000001000110000101
      //visible, not illuminated, invisible in dark, covered by actors, shown in combat
      fj_structure_type = animation
      fj_name           = Cave1
      fj_bam_resref     = ag4300c1

COPY_EXISTING ~%nnsh%sr.bmp~ ~override~ //Search map
    WRITE_BYTE  0xa2c7 0x1f
    WRITE_SHORT 0xa367 0x1111
    WRITE_BYTE  0xa369 0x18
    WRITE_SHORT 0xa407 0x1111
    WRITE_BYTE  0xa409 0x18
    WRITE_SHORT 0xa4a7 0x1111
    WRITE_BYTE  0xa4a9 0x18
    WRITE_SHORT 0xa547 0x1111
    WRITE_BYTE  0xa549 0x18
    WRITE_SHORT 0xa5e7 0x1181

In Topic: Haiass

27 June 2020 - 08:47 PM

Well, here it is, I guess it can't hurt although I don't hold my hopes high as it seems nobody maintains this mod for a while now:


Last mod was added recently, after report of this bug ( started new game, of course ). I hope to hear soon from you Miloch, before your usual 2-3 months break from visiting this place.

Holy carp, that's a lot of mods... like, every one imaginable (even Xvart Caverns :o)? I guess it's high time someone updated the decade-old Tutu mod list (note: "someone" != "me"). In fact, the only one offhand you don't seem to have installed is the main DSotSC component, though you have the subcomponents. So I guess that rules out my guess.


I would have to defer this to jastey since she seems to have made the latest updates in the post above. I haven't looked at this mod for ages and doubt I would even recognize the code anymore. And if any of it was my code, I definitely wouldn't recognize it in all its orcish ugliness.