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In Topic: [DONE] Proofreader for MotSC translation

18 November 2012 - 11:59 PM

Thank you very much! I don't receive to much feedback from English TWM users.

If you didn't download TWMdemo 3,2c(65) recently, I have correct some bugs hiddenly, without changing the mod version.

If you have in TP2 in ALWAYS section the line:
  LOAD_TRA "TWM_Pack/Translations/Polski/setup-PL.tra"
  LOAD_TRA "TWM_Pack/Translations/Polski/setup.tra"

please download the mod again from CoB forum,
or make the changes by own:

1/ The line in TP2 should be changed to:
  LOAD_TRA "TWM_Pack/Translations/%LANGUAGE%/setup.tra"

2/ Maybe also the files Setup-PL.tra and Setup-EN.tra should be renamed to Setup.tra, and the proper patches in LANGUAGE section of TP2 should be changed.