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13 May 2020 - 04:47 AM

I moved WinBif to github as I got rid of the website (not working so had to cut costs).


I had planned to open source the whole program at some point, but that would require a rewrite of sorts, as the base libraries I originally used have changed slightly - however the newer versions of those libraries are now on github, although I would consider them work in progress as some stuff hasn't been tested: https://github.com/m...ngineLibraries. And some libraries have been tested though, with little utilities to test the library functions, like TlkViewer: https://github.com/m...rless/TlkViewer and MOSViewer: https://github.com/m...rless/MOSViewer - which required me to start porting some of the libraries to x64 (https://github.com/m...gineLibraries64)


Anyhow the last version of WinBif ( which Sam has linked above is also available from my github page: