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In Topic: ascension demogorgon not working

06 April 2015 - 01:42 AM

It goes deeper than SCS requirements for vanilla Ascension.


I can't give off-the-cuff specific information on Demogorgon component, but when I looked at SCS code last it actually looked for the presence of BP. If it found BP installed, it would gut the entire contents of the BP custom script and replace it with its own code (in the name of compatibility, no less). There's a very likely chance, as such, this has nothing to do with BP and all to do with SCS. I recommend removing the SCS component, and seeing if that helps. I don't recall any reports of 'just BP' errors for this in a very long time, and then it was with the Wand of Orcus installed (long ago, before it was added to the area with proper code).

In Topic: BP Series for BGEE, BG2 and BG2EE

15 January 2015 - 11:30 PM

Fresh install on Enhanced Edition 1.3 with BPSeries done last.




Switching buffs rotates between Long Sword, Medium Shield, Short Sword and Off.




V doesn't appear to do anything. It's supposed to switch between find traps and stealth mode.




If you enable stealth mode then the character won't find traps until they're successful. As the two aren't linked I see no reason for the script to link them either, and carrying out this procedure manually has the script reenabling find traps almost immediately after a failed hide in shadows.


Numerous scripts mention favouring ranged, but all of them seem to be setup to use melee intuitive as the default weapon swap.


Thanks for the reports!




BP-RANGER: Somehow a pre-weidu version block has survived 2 years, 50 versions, and 1000's of download. I'll swap it .


BPFT-RNG: No need to fix because of the following...


The various ranged scripts: Hold-outs from before the multi-toggle switch. Probably redundant now. Might streamline them out along with a couple other redundant scripts (the secondary healer scripts, found them unnecessary my last run).



BPFT-TH: Actually both stealth and find traps are Modal states, and as such are somewhat linked. Stealth is hard-coded to stop at 18 seconds, at the least when activated via script. This thus requires a constant "recharge" action Hide() every 3rd round to keep stealth active (I use 17 seconds, last parse before auto-shutdown).


The rough part is, the Hide() action disables FindTraps() modal state. However, the opposite is false: FindTraps() action doesn't disable a successful Hide() modal state. So, to actually get both to work at once, first you have to Hide(), then FindTraps(). This workaround gives you the scenario you're seeing when trying to use both at once.




Don't know if anyone else noticed this but the automatic goodberry thing isn't working that I have seen in other versions. Where the party automatically casts and eats goodberry out of combat when hurt. Unless it has changed?


I saw it in the brief time I was able to test with IWDEE, and I believe I was able to fix it then (not 100% sure, can't remember if I tested after fixing). There are conditions that prevent it from going even when working right, like non-combat only e.g.



I have very little time for anything, let alone modding, these days. What I do have are six scripts from each game I was able to work out with a short block of free time I had last month. This also includes six for IWDEE, with spell support to 4th level (most spells, can't remember if I got them all). I also addressed a lot of the problems that were reported prior to testing. While I don't have time to complete the fixes into the other scripts right now, I might be able to ration out a few hours and make a limited release of what I did fix up.

In Topic: BP Series for BGEE, BG2 and BG2EE

26 December 2014 - 05:51 PM

Major problem with the Ascension component when applied to BG2:EE 1.3:


Turning into the Slayer, turning back and resting results in instant death/game over.


Hmmm...something obviously changed in v1.3, because this mod didn't. I'll ask over at Beamdog when I can, see what was changed--but they're likely on holiday right now. Thanks for the report. I've got v1.3 downloaded, but still haven't had a chance to look at it let alone try mods on it.

In Topic: BP Series for BGEE, BG2 and BG2EE

18 December 2014 - 08:48 PM

- Characters WILL CANCEL MID-ACTION YOUR MANUAL INPUTS!  This means you will waste spells in crucial situations because the scripts decide to force the character to do something else (like attack with a ranged weapon), even during the middle of a casting animation! Even the game's default scripts don't do this; they will never cancel a manual command, especially not one already in progress. (note: this problem is especially noticable with a dart-throwing spell-caster, presumably because of the 3 attacks per round)


- Related to the above, you will also have extreme frustration getting a character to use items with longer than a 1 or 2 casting/activation time during active combat, like scrolls or wands.  After you input the command, the character will keep automatically reseting its next action to do something the script is mandating instead, usually a physical attack on the nearest enemy.  So two rounds later you're still trying to get Rasaad to throw a flask of fiery burning that you needed him to throw immediately.


- The Wild Magic support seems pointless.  You get the 3-second floating-text warning that a Dweomer is about to be cast... but you still can't cancel the imminent casting by any means but disabling the AI completely, and you still must have the character selected to manually pick which spell the Dweomer casts anyway (or else the Dweomer just fizzles out and is wasted), so why even bother scripting it in the first place?


- Forget about using your melee characters tactically, i.e. going after specific targets.  The scripts will cancel any such specific direction.  You'll actually see your boots of speed equipped fighter turn around halfway to that enemy mage in the back to go attack some low-threat mob instead.  And now the mage has his spell off and just screwed your party.


- Weapon-switching in every mode that allows it is unreliable. Another thing the default scripts actaully do much better. I see fighter tanks set to 'melee intuitive' using a longbow on a mob right in their face, and the cleric/druid/multiclass scripts in particular usually just ignore 'melee intuitive' in favor of attacking with a ranged weapon 90% of the time.  'Absolute Mode' works a little bit better, but still not as reliably as the vanilla scripts with the same function.


- One great feature of the default scripts is a function in which ranged characters will actually automatically create distance between themselves and the nearest enemies.  This is very effective for keeping your squishy characters alive.  No such functionality exists anywhere with any of the scripts in BP-series.  So many options in these scripts, and yet they ignore one of the few really robust and useful functions of the default scripts.


- Appropriate spell usage, even with ballyhooed 'detectable stats feature' is still... not good.  I see mages commonly wasting Glitterdust on the last puny kobold or xvart, and clerics wasting Remove Fear when no character is under a fear-effect (this happens routinely).


- In 50 hours of gameplay I have yet to ever see my berserker charname using Enrage or any of his innates via the script.  Yet the script claims full support of these features.  I do see Monks and Blackguards reliably using their kit/innate abilities, but some other kit support doesn't appear to be working.


- I have yet to ever see a character use an equipped wand on their own.  Setting them to "use all items" hasn't mattered. This feels ironic, considering how trigger-happy the same scripts are regarding using memorized spells on low-threat enemies.



Tested on BG:EE.



The party-healing, potion-usage, goodberry script, and monk scripts (the 'target far enemy' + stealth mode is a great combination for the class) are very nice, but there's just too many other problems with these scripts to make them worth using.  For all but monks, I'm forced to go back to using the game's default scripts.  They attempt to do far less, but what they do do is much more reliable, and won't screw you over in pressure situations.  It seems the only way to use BP-series scripts safely is to routinely disable them, ironically.


Thanks for your opinions.

In Topic: BP Series for BGEE, BG2 and BG2EE

18 December 2014 - 08:47 PM

I would guess there's an .MRK file that got left over in the override due to a botched install, and it's giving the component a false reading. Look for an BPStats.mrk, DSStats.mrk, something like that (from memory). Not installing Detectable Stats leads to the other errors (a snowball). Delete any .override/*.mrk files you find and try again.