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SilverStar / K&Z / Horace availavle for adoption

08 May 2010 - 05:39 AM

Well, this place has changed somewhat since I was last here. Whole bunch of new names too.

I'll get straight to the point. As per the title, I'm making my historical mods, namely, K&Z, SilverStar and the very raw Horace available for either community or individual adooption. I don't know if they're still played, cursed, bandied about or whatever but I've had a few emails over the last few months regarding them that I've neither has the time nor the desire to respond too.

As such, I think its fair to hand the reigns over to someone else that is still a known presence in the community or those that feel they'll be able to take them further.

I do reserve the right to be picky over who takes them over if there is any interest shown as a lot of time was spent on them by quite a few people and that total effort is something I'm not going to treat lightly. As such, if anyone is interested, has any questions or whatever, please let me know here or drop me a PM.

A further two questions, whilst I'm here: -
1 - Has PST Modding moved forwards at all?
2 - Is there a need/desire for any mod writers still?