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Has Nathaniel stopped loving me? (SoA)

27 July 2009 - 02:04 AM

I've just escaped from the Underdark and slain Bodhi. After saving Nathaniel from an unattractive life of undeath everything seemed to be going fine. My PC had a few love talks with him about coming to grips with being undead, and at one point (during a rest at the inn) he asked my character to sleep with him to make him feel better.  :blink:

My PC told him "No, I want the first time to be special." but still cuddled him to sleep. Considering that they were staying in the City gates inn (Stables ftl) - it felt pretty in character that he wouldn't want his first time to be in a stable, without a soul.  <_<

He did, however, go on about how wonderful I am a while later. He still refers to me as 'his love'.

The problem is after that, Nathaniel won't let me talk to him at all. He has "Nothing to say to me." He and Mazzy have even begun talking about my main PC in past tense relationship...   :crying:

Have I done something wrong? I don't want the romance to end because of my characters romantic notion!   :rolleyes:

PS: I just want to add that I am really enjoying playing with Nathaniel (As so to speak.. <_< ). Its a lot of fun!  :)

Item and spell graphics glitchy

17 July 2009 - 04:40 AM


Not sure if this is the ideal place to ask for help with graphical problems, but here goes..

When deciding to replay BG2 and ToB - I've discovered that the items that are on the ground are surrounded by black chunks of darkness. This is the same with spells being cast, as well as floating text. Everything seems to have a black background... I've messed around with a lot of the video settings for BG2 but nothing seems to change.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I've tried searching for people with similar problems but I haven't found anything as yet..

Any help appreciated! <3