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[AUDIO] Voice for Eranon NPC mod

16 September 2007 - 06:37 AM

Since it appear Sol-Ek-Sa has gone and this is here, I suppose I may as well make a request:

1. Are you looking for a voice set for a man, a woman or something else?

2. How many lines would need to be voiced?
~30 or so; I just want the basic soundset for starters.

3. Describe what kind of a voice you are after (tell something about the character if needed)!
Something similar to Dak'kon from Ps:T (or if you have played NWN 2, akin to a male Zhjaeve--though I wrote this mod long before NWN 2).

4. Preferred format of the audio files?

5. Any deadlines?
The sooner the better, as it is one of the bigger things to have kept the mod from being released for a while.

6. What game and what mod is this for?
Surely this question should be further up? ;) Eranon, NPC githzerai monk for Tutu. See http://www.gibberlings3.net/eranon/

7. Anything else you'd like to mention?
I will ask applicants to voice a half-dozen or so test lines before sending the final set, to make sure that they sound right.

Looking for a voice actor for Eranon NPC mod, ~ 40 lines

05 December 2006 - 11:47 AM

I am looking for a voice actor for the Tutu NPC Eranon, a Githzerai monk.

Mod page: http://www.gibberlings3.net/eranon/
Mod forum: http://forums.gibber...hp?showforum=89

I should really be able to get something playable released soon, since all I've needed for ages has been a voice actor. Anyone able to help, and get a voiceset recorded in the next few weeks?

I'm looking for something along the lines of Dak'kon from Planescape:Torment, but not quite so old and gruff. A very level-headed character, doesn't lose his cool, and not extravagant and showy.

If you're interested, send me a few samples (preferably in .ogg format). Here's some lines to try:

~Please, adventurers... hear me.~ [A!E01]
~I am because I must be.~ [A!E0001]
~Your life shall end!~ [A!E0002]
~This is no way for a Githzerai to fall in battle!~
~The crossing of our paths was a most fortuitous event.~
~I... have met wiser folk, in my time.~
~Zerthimon would not approve of this company.~ [A!E05]