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Fade v5.1 - experimental

07 February 2018 - 04:35 AM

From now on you may download an experimental version of Fade - v5.0. Changes in this version are:


  • WeiDU update
  • EET-compatible chapter check
  • Added EET to GAME_IS check
  • Fixed AR0900 script trigger
  • Fixed tokens - both in ANSI and UTF-8
  • Fixed audio uninstall
  • Replaced STATE_SLEEPING check for dialogues with CD_STATE_NOTVALID
  • Added CD_STATE_NOTVALID check for both Player1 and Fade for some dialogues


Why is it experimental? Because I am not using EET and it was not tested on that platform. I implemented stuff that should make the mod work fine on both EE and EET, but I leave you the testing. And since it's more like an open beta, the old version - v4.0 - will remain available. Uplon clicking download button, you will be asked what version you want to use. If you want to give it a try, use Fade v5.0 (experimental).

[MOD] Skie - The Cost of One Girl's Soul

28 January 2018 - 03:48 PM

Posted Image

File Name: Skie - The Cost of One Girl's Soul
File Submitter: Lava Del'Vortel
File Submitted: 29 Jan 2018
File Category: BG:EE Mods


AUTHOR: Lava Del'Vortel  |  PLATFORM: BG2EE


The mod gives the player a chance to continue the Skie plot begun in Siege of Dragonspear. The DLC gave the Silvershield girl a very important role in it's plot, but I felt it was so important that it should be somehow continued in BG2 portion of the game. The mod has two different components:

=> component A - Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul - New quest for Baldur's Gate 2 EE => this component provides a new quest that gives player a chance to save Skie Silvershield after what happened in Siege of Dragonspear. You should be warned, though, that saving her comes with a price. The mod starts in Irenicus' Dungeon, when you find the main quest item.

=> component B - Allow Skie to return as a joinable NPC => this components allows you to join Skie if you decide to help the Silvershield girl and succeed. She will find you after some time. She will start to look for you in certain inns, so remember to stop and rest a while from time to time. The NPC comes with some timered and situation talks, banters with each NPC (at least 2 in SoA + 1 in ToB), interjections, an epilogue and other things joinable companions should include. Note that there is no romance here, as I wanted to stress companionship and loyalty based on friendship rather romantic love. The NPC component was written to enjoy Skie's presence in the group, rather than provide hundreds of lines, but she should talk to you once in a while. In terms of size, she could be compared to Kulyok's Tiax or Coran.

Note that Skie in this mod is supposed to continue the Siege of Dragonspear character, so Skie may be a tiny bit mature, but still a bit reckless and will not hesitate to tell how she feels about people and events. The change in her character may be seen in both dialogues and soundset.

Also, to make her portrait blend in better with Baldur's Gate II style of portraits, the mod uses edited version of her original picture.




The mod is not compatible (story-wise) with other mods that add Soultaker and/or Skie plots to Baldur's Gate II, including my own Skie mod released years ago. The mod will not work well with the Sandrah Saga, as the mod too adds the Soultaker/Skie plot to the second part of the game. Also Eldoth makes a small appearance in this mod.

Click here to download this file

Sarevok Romance - beta update

07 January 2018 - 04:21 PM


With an approve of Kaeloree, I made a small update of Sarevok Romance. If everything goes well, it may once replace the original download. I would like it to be here first, though, so people could check if it works fine! Here are all the changes:




Petsy NPC

29 August 2017 - 01:14 PM

Posted Image

File Name: Petsy NPC
File Submitter: Lava Del'Vortel
File Submitted: 29 Aug 2017
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

One of my older NPCs. I decided to upload it to SHS' Misc.Released Mods section. This one should work on both old BG2 and EE.
* * *
"When asked about her past, PETSY CHATTERTONE is more than willing to talk. Usually, it’s not even about herself: the weather, food, how her hair frizzes in humidity... She talks so much that it's difficult to know what she’s actually talking about. Still, you do gather that she has parents and a brother in her hometown, Gullykin, although she has neglected to tell you why she left there at all. She travelled the Sword Coast and in Amn, her final destination. Her presence in the city isn't a coincidence and you can only presume that it has something to do with the journal she carries with her. It seems more precious to her than any treasure.

So far as you can tell, she is well-intentioned, even if a little chatter-prone. Her fighting skills are adequate enough, but she’s sure to know a trick or two to help you on your journey."

Petsy Chattertone is a romanceable halfling bard. She's young, playful, talkative and silly. She's not very strong, but hopefully she'll be able to make you smile.
Mod includes both SoA and ToB content, though the ToB content isn't very extensive at this point. Still, yes - you will be able to talk to her in both SoA and ToB. In her SoA portion, every player will experience some talks and a quest. Male gnomes, dwarves and halflings can romance her. Those are the only requirements.

You can find her in the Sea's Bounty tavern.

Click here to download this file

Gahesh NPC

29 August 2017 - 01:11 PM

Posted Image

File Name: Gahesh NPC
File Submitter: Lava Del'Vortel
File Submitted: 29 Aug 2017
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

Uploading one of my old NPCs, that's also not yet forgotten. Maybe it's not big, maybe it's not perfect, but decided that it should also be here.
When the time is ready, this mod will be also converted to work on EE. For now, it works only on vanilla.
* * *
Gahesh NPC mod introduces a new joinable NPC - a half-orc sorcerer of lawful good alignment. Gahesh is an outcast, a bastard sired by a human male. Nowhere could he find peace, but on the blue waters of Faerun. But even that appeared to be not enough...
Project includes some friendtalks, as well as a romance with a female character, however he can join you on Brynnlaw, so if you have already started any romance before, it just won't fire. If you started a new ToB game, which wasn't imported, and your character is a non-evil female, you can still start the romance in the original game expansion.

Click here to download this file