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  • Submitted: May 23 2009 06:04 PM
  • Last Updated: Dec 02 2009 04:46 AM
  • File Size: 1.2MB
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  • Readme: www.farseek.com/bg/contain-english.html

Previous Versions

  • 25 Oct 2009 Download Unique Containers v2
  • 25 Oct 2009 Download Unique Containers v2
  • 23 May 2009 Download Unique Containers v1

Download Unique Containers v3

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Unique Containers

This mini-mod assigns unique icons to all containers in the game. Containers include standard and mod-added bags of holding, gem bags, scroll cases, potion cases and ammo belts. The tweak allows you to identify containers at a glance by colour and use them for a particular type of storage. Or it just makes your character's accessories colour-coordinated :P. Optionally, you can assign unique names (based on the colour) to the containers to differentiate them further.

The mod will also fix various issues with stores and containers in both the unmodded (and Fixpacked) games, as well as with mods. Some of those mods include BP, CtB, NEJ2, RoT, SOS and UB. Most significantly, it fixes some issues with Lost Items v2, including containers with duplicate stores attached and other mod usability issues pointed out by Bursk and SixOfSpades. You don't need to have any of these mods installed to use the main feature though.

Ultimately, this mod will be included in a larger tweak mod but is released as a patch or mini-mod in the interim.

Installation: Extract to your game directory, double-click on setup-contain.exe and follow the prompts. Option 1 gives you unique names and icons for containers, option 2 gives new icons only and option 3 just fixes container and store bugs in the vanilla game and with mods.

Compatibility: This mod is compatible with (Easy)Tutu, BGT and BG2 with any combination of mods. However, you should install this after any mods that add containers, including BG2 Tweaks and BGT Tweaks.

Credits: DavidNowlin - initial idea and beta testing
Bursk, pro5 and SixOfSpades - for pointing out Lost Items issues
Aramis and Vedran - for the initial Lost Items mod
German translation: Leomar
Italian translation: Stoneangel and Andrea/ilot
Spanish translation: Ancalagon el Negro and Immortality
French translation: Graoumf
Russian translation: prowler and aerie.ru

Licence: This work (including all code and documentation) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. You are free to share (copy, distribute and transmit) and to remix (adapt) this work, except for commercial purposes.

Version History
Version 3: 2 Dec 2009
- Added a bevy of fixes for mod store bugs (BG2-SoA, Alex Macintosh, Bone Hill, CoM Encounters, CtB, Dark Horizons, Dark Ritual, DSotSC, Forgotten Wars Item Pack, Mod for the Orderly, Mortis Mini-Mod, MTS Crappack, Munchmod, NEJ, Ribald's Genie, RoT, SOS, TDD, The Undying)
- Updated "bottomless" bag fix to avoid using time-consuming regexp
- Fixed minor compatibility issue with SPItems and RoT
- Added French and Russian translations; updated other translations

Version 2: 25 Oct 2009
- Fixed and enhanced the Shadows Over Soubar patch
- Fixed bag/store bug on Paddy Stoutfellow in Check the Bodies
- Reversed Spellhold Gauntlet bag fix as it is now included in that mod
- Enhanced compatibility with Classic Adventures
- Added compatibility for more mods (Bellina's Bags, Bolsa, Charli, Mersetek and Mystigan)
- Added Spanish translation; updated other translations
- Added fix for buggy "bottomless" bags

Version 1: 23 May 2009
- Fixed minor inconsistency in Lost Items patch
- Fixed typo in "Bag of Holing" :P
- Added dupe-baggery fixes for Unfinished Business, Spellhold Gauntlet and Classic Adventures
- Added Italian and German translations

Beta Version 2: 19 Aug 2008
- Enhanced Lost Items usability patch
- Added Bearwere's Candlekeep Bags (from TweaksAndTricks) to container patch

Beta Version 1: 6 Jul 2008
- Initial release

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