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Troubleshooting: Read First


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Posted 30 November 2005 - 07:15 PM

Last Updated: 28 Aug 2010

Please note we do not endorse, nor are unable to provide any support for, the use of older or repackaged versions of Baldur's Gate Trilogy-WeiDU. This includes the darktech, Chinese Baldur's Gate Compilation, and the version 1.01 releases of BGT. Please find help for these versions elsewhere.

I have a custom install of Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast patched to version 5512, or Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga, but the installation does not accept the directory that I type in.
The most likely scenario is that your installation discs for Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast or Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga are scratched, and the installation did not copy over all the files.

  • Check that all of these files are present in the \data directory of your Baldur's Gate I installation directory. If any are missing, try and manually copy the file into the correct directory from the original disc.

o AREA000A.bif
o AREA000B.bif
o AREA000C.bif
o AREA000D.bif
o AREA000E.bif
o AREA000F.bif
o AREA000G.bif
o AREA000H.bif
o AREA010A.bif
o AREA010B.bif
o AREA020A.bif
o AREA020B.bif
o AREA030A.bif
o AREA030B.bif
o AREA040X.bif
o AREA050D.bif
o AREA060A.bif
o AREA070A.bif
o AREA080A.bif
o AREA080B.bif
o AREA090X.bif
o AREA0100.bif
o AREA110A.bif
o AREA110B.bif
o AREA110C.bif
o AREA120A.bif
o AREA120B.bif
o AREA130A.bif
o AREA140A.bif
o AREA140B.bif
o AREA160X.bif
o AREA180A.bif
o AREA180B.bif
o AREA180C.bif
o AREA180D.bif
o AREA180E.bif
o AREA190X.bif
o AREA0200.bif
o AREA210X.bif
o AREA220X.bif
o AREA230A.bif
o AREA230B.bif
o AREA260A.bif
o AREA260B.bif
o AREA260C.bif
o AREA0300.bif
o AREA320X.bif
o AREA330A.bif
o AREA330B.bif
o AREA330C.bif
o AREA330D.bif
o AREA340X.bif
o AREA360X.bif
o AREA380X.bif
o AREA390X.bif
o AREA0400.bif
o AREA400X.bif
o AREA410X.bif
o AREA420X.bif
o AREA440X.bif
o AREA450X.bif
o AREA470X.bif
o AREA480X.bif
o AREA490X.bif
o AREA500X.bif
o AREA510X.bif
o AREA520X.bif
o AREA540A.bif
o AREA540B.bif
o AREA540C.bif
o AREA540D.bif
o AREA550X.bif
o AREA0600.bif
o AREA0700.bif
o AREA0800.bif
o AREA0900.bif
o AREA1100.bif
o AREA1200.bif
o AREA1300.bif
o AREA1400.bif
o AREA1600.bif
o AREA1700.bif
o AREA1800.bif
o AREA1900.bif
o AREA2100.bif
o AREA2200.bif
o AREA2300.bif
o AREA2400.bif
o AREA2600.bif
o AREA2700.bif
o AREA2800.bif
o AREA2900.bif
o AREA3000.bif
o AREA3100.bif
o AREA3200.bif
o AREA3300.bif
o AREA3400.bif
o AREA3500.bif
o AREA3600.bif
o AREA3700.bif
o AREA3800.bif
o AREA3900.bif
o AREA4000.bif
o AREA4100.bif
o AREA4200.bif
o AREA4300.bif
o AREA4400.bif
o AREA4500.bif
o AREA4600.bif
o AREA4700.bif
o AREA4800.bif
o AREA4900.bif
o AREA5000.bif
o AREA5100.bif
o AREA5200.bif
o AREA5300.bif
o AREA5400.bif
o AREA5500.bif
o Areas.bif
o ARMisc.bif
o CHAAnim.bif
o CHASound.bif
o CREAnim.bif
o Creature.bif
o CRESound.bif
o Default.bif
o Dialog.bif
o Effects.bif
o Gui.bif
o Items.bif
o MPGUI.bif
o MPSounds.bif
o NPCSound.bif
o OBJAnim.bif
o RndEncnt.bif
o scripts.bif
o SFXSound.bif
o Spells.bif
o AREA050A.bif
o AREA050B.bif
o AREA050C.bif
o AREA100A.bif
o AREA150A.bif
o AREA200A.bif
o AREA200B.bif
o AREA0500.bif
o AREA1000.bif
o AREA1500.bif
o AREA2000.bif
o ExArMaps.bif
o ExPAreas.bif

WeiDU tried to delete files that did not exist and asked me whether to install the modification again.
You may not have a clean installation of Baldur’s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast and/or Baldur’s Gate: Throne of Bhaal.

  • When the installation prompts for install again, quit the installation
  • Restore dialog.tlk as described in the Installation and Uninstallation section of this file
  • You have just reverted the installation process. Do not try to install again immediately.
  • Try reinstalling Baldur’s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast and/or Baldur’s Gate: Throne of Bhaal without any modifications and re-install BGT-WeiDU.
  • If you have other modifications installed, try uninstalling those and re-install BGT-WeiDU.
  • If you still experience problems, post the files SETUP-BGT.DEBUG and SETUP-BGTDOS.DEBUG (if it exists), located in your Baldur’s Gate II installation directory, in the mod forum

Windows gave me an exception error detailing weidu.exe or tis2bg2.exe
The DOS prompt returned the error "WeiDU: ZLIB: Warning! Problem decompressing block." in some cases.

These are known issues that occur if you did not follow Step 2 of the Installation section.

  • Allow the installation finish. This is critical. Uninstall BGT-WeiDU as described in the Uninstallation and Re-installation section.
  • Restore dialog.tlk.
  • Follow the installation procedures correctly.

During the installation, I constantly get errors saying ‘There is no disk in your drive’.
This occurs if you did not follow Step 2 of the installation procedures.

  • If you have not installed yet, or as you read this the installation is halted directly after you were asked to enter your Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast directory with the disk check, abort the installation immediately.
  • As you read this, if the installation is halted any time after you were asked to enter your Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast directory, press 'Cancel' to every single prompt that occurs, and allow the installation to finish. When the installation is finished, uninstall BGT-WeiDU and restore dialog.tlk.
  • Follow the installation procedures correctly without omitting Step 2.

Whenever I try to enter some particular area, the game freezes or crashes to desktop.

  • Edit the baldur.ini in your BGT-WeiDU installation directory, by adding 'Debug Mode=1' under the [Program Options] section
  • Start the game, and after beginning a new game or loading a saved game, press Ctrl+Space to open the console at the bottom of the screen
  • In that console, type in case-sensitive manner, 'CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("<area code>")', then press Enter to attempt to jump to that area. Area codes can be discovered by looking at <BGT-WeiDU installation directory>\BGT\Help\DevDoc\Images\OldWorld.jpg.
  • If the area crashes still, then you may have a permanent area corruption; in this case, try re-installing BGT-WeiDU, ensuring that no Baldur's Gate-related CDs/DVDs/virtual images are in any of your CD/DVD/virtual drives.
  • If this does not solve the problem, post your issue on the forums, along with the contents of your WeiDU.log, so that we may troubleshoot further

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