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Welcome to the Resource Request Forum!

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Posted 24 August 2008 - 06:18 PM

Welcome to the Resource Request Forum!

This is the place where demand meets supply, need meets skill, trouble meets help. This is where you can get the missing pieces for you mod. This is ResReq - a creative resource for mods!

ResReq is the place where you as a modder can request portraits, translations, textures, models, music, voicing, websites and more! People who are able to help you and have the skills needed can take up the job and work for the benefit of your mod. Best thing is that anyone can help you, and it's completely voluntary. ResReq exists to help modders and the modding community become bigger and better and produce larger and more beautiful mods. Don't give up on your ideas if you're missing just a thing or two - in ResReq you can request almost anything except the coding or story itself. All you need is to be registered here in Spellhold Studios forums! SHS hosts mods for many different kinds of games - IE games like Baldur's Gate II, Neverwinter Nights, and TES4: Oblivion - and ResReq is open to all these communities.

We hope to attract people with skills to share them to help others with their work. In the future they might get assistance in return for the good faith they've shown to others. ResReq is here to serve your needs, and give a chance to shine and work towards a beneficial end to those who can.

Read more from our Frequently Asked Questions, and we hope you get what you need from Resource Request!

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