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Yikari is an awesome character

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#1 -Tieflingz-

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Posted 27 October 2008 - 11:54 PM

Yikari to me is perhaps the character that represents my resemblence the most in game

He's Asian (lol)
Str: 16 (I'm not the buffest asian in the world, but had weight training for waterpolo, went to CIF for Swim Team, and a certified Red Cross Lifeguard)
Dex: 18 (I'm 135 pounds!!! And I'm 6'1!!)
Con: 14 (I'm conditioned from the water sports I did and quite durable... uhh I have abs for instance =D? Although I always add 1 to this stat for the extra 1 hp for this character)
Int: 8 (I'm not street smart at all!! stupid white ppl from waterpolo always pick on me -..-)
Wis: 19 (I aced Physics and Calculus, I'm good with concepts~)
Cha: 4 (I'll have to disagree with this stat, I'm not the prettiest but I'm not that ugly as well? LOL I'd put myself at 12 I think)

Efficiency: From the author, he is efficient, I may not be "super" efficient on doing stuffs, but I worked in the restaurant where you have to make good use of every minute and plan out everything when an order list comes in, which is demanding and competitive.

Competent Fighter: Well.. I wouldn't call myself that, but I make good counters for waterpolo and steals while on defense?

Don't Pick Fights with Others: Heh that's the smart thing to do to survive Public High Schools (The ghetto ones with 50% mexicans, and 25% black, 25% white, and 1% asian.. me) in California LOL

And I have Tae Kwon Do training~ (uhh... a lil monk related I think)

I'd say this character is like the 2nd PC for me, and I use my own portrait on him instead of the PC lol

#2 khay


    Swords to Rust, Hearts to Dust

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Posted 30 October 2008 - 05:41 AM

I think you mistook wisdom with intelligence. Physics and Calculus would mean intelligence, methinks.

Otherwise congrats! :)

#3 Shed



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Posted 24 March 2009 - 02:17 AM

Glad you can relate to the character. Looking back at it now, though, two 18+ stats was probably overdoing it. In fact, I remember that I planned to reduced the wisdom in a later version.

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