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[Release] BGT-WeiDU version 1.13

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Posted 20 January 2012 - 02:59 PM

BGT-WeiDU v1.13 has been released (Readme)! Get it from the usual places (http://www.shsforums...showtopic=23549) when it is uploaded to the servers. Direct link (http://www.shsforums...ads&showfile=54). Check the SHS mirror for first availability.

Previous release notes: http://www.shsforums...du-version-112/.

This major release overhauls the installation process to minimise dependence on fallible shell scripts and enables installation on Linux systems out of the box. Updates have been made to multiple translations, and the Czech translation has been added. A few new features have been added, including default Baldur's Gate soundsets, the end of Tales of the Sword Coast screen, and subtitles for the Baldur's Gate introduction movie. Quite a number of bugs have been fixed.

Important for mega-mod installers: the installation has an extra prompts whether to biff all files or just some. The recommended command line command for auto-installation is now
Setup-BGT.exe --force-install 0 --skip-at-view --language <language> --args-list osp <Baldur's Gate I directory>
Note the added 'o' in --arg-list, in order to skip the extra prompt.

Saved games are not compatible with 1.12 and thus a new game is highly recommended.

Installation changes
-Added Czech translation
-Added installation compatibility on Linux systems
-Developer's documentation is now in .doc format
-Fixed compatibility issue where installation would fail if Never Ending Journey was installed but the Continuous and Custom Kit Imoen component was not
-Fixed compatibility issue where installation would fail if Never Ending Journey was installed but the Priest of Sylvanus (Druid) Kit and Improved Character Jaheria component was not
-Modified patching of The Vampire's Revenge to prevent a possible installation failure (thanks to Turambar)
-Overhauled installation process to rely much less on shell scripts
-Overhauled patching of items used in Baldur's Gate I but existing in a Baldur's Gate II installation (thanks to Hurricane)
-The ":" character is now allowed in the auto-installation when specifying the Baldur's Gate I path
-The default male and female soundsets are now imported from Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast
-The "full" option for music installation now replaces the Shadows of Amn theme with the Baldur's Gate theme like the other components
-Updated French translation
-Updated German translation
-Updated Russian translation - removed a number of Russian-specific files due to official Russian Baldur's Gate I release
-Updated to BiggDU version 231

Bug fixes
-Brage's body is no longer stealable from Brage
-Corrected compatibility issues with Vampiric Wolf
-Corrected description of Spider's Bane to state the proficiency is Two Handed Sword (English only)
-Corrected item type of Sarevok's Diary to Books as was intended
-Corrected some colours on certain characters (e.g. Voices in the prologue, Watchers)
-Corrected weight of Female Body (BGMISC79)
-Fixed a bug fix with party not gaining experience after killing Aec'Letec and the cultists
-Fixed a bug when using the Worldmap mod where travel times between the areas north of Nashkel Carnival and Gullykin were inconsistent
-Fixed a bug where an unsolved Bandits! journal entry was not removed
-Fixed a bug where party did not get teleported in Durlag's Tower in one area after defeating all the elementals
-Fixed a bug where Quayle at his lowest levels had one less memorisable Wizard level 1 spell
-Fixed a bug where Ramazith would give the player the quest to fetch Abela from Ragefast even though Abela has teleported away
-Fixed a bug where the journal entries in Melicamp's quest might not be removed upon quest completion
-Fixed a bug where two female Merchant League Guards had male greetings
-Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to transition to Shadows of Amn with dead party members
-Fixed a typo in Berrun's dialogue (English only)
-Fixed an incorrect journal entry obtained when talking to Jeb
-Fixed Emerson's journal entry added after being removed
-Fixed incorrect dialogue in the tutorial stating that the game unpauses when accessing the inventory screen (English only)

Gameplay changes
-Added end of Tales of the Sword Coast text screen
-Added subtitles for the Baldur's Gate introduction movie
-Removed fixpack change to Half-Orc Find Traps skill bonus

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