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Skie BG2 NPC


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Posted 10 November 2017 - 04:03 AM

1) Besides, I downloaded one of the files you made available here (ie: "repaired NPC" qui includes aerie.bcs and jaheira.bcs), dealing with the stuttering effect of the conflicting romances with the Isra NPC mod.  Does it mean that it doesn't work with an BG1EE-BG2EE-EET game type?
2) From what Lava said, I understand that Skie mod is irrevocably dead for an EET-type game but perhaps still usable in a classic BG configuration (I have both of them installed on my laptop). Wouldyou confirm it?

!) You cannot use these files in your install, unless you had exactly the same version and mod sequence as the other player. If you run into problems, you need an individual fix in YOUR bcs files. Not a big thing - if you need help, just post them at the forum and you may receive assistance.

2) Technically, the Skie mod can be used in EET, it is even on the compatibility list for EET with this description "Skie ReDone v3.0, Info: This mod is technically compatible with EET, however the contents was written prior SoD release and therefore does not take those events into account.". Makes no sencse to me personally, but this is the modders decision, Tastes differ and there was even once a Khalid mod for BG2...

About the two "bcs" files, I didn't know that and was bound the make a blunder. It could be that I need a tailored fix. I'll see.

About Skie mod, I did see it on the compatibility list for EE, with the warning content-wise.

Even if it is compatible, it was however rejected, BWS referring to a certain file missing (don't remember the name) with the .tap extension.

My only explanation for those inconsistencies with Skie is, that the original list for EET was already done prior the SoD release. The initial EET would transit from Sarevok's death into BG2 directly. Most likely the Skie mod was inherited from that version.

If my memory serves well, it was me who added the comment in a more recent clean-up of the list but I did not dare to remove the mod without approval.


"I did not dare to remove the mod without approval"   - I see what you mean.  

It does not matter, I can accommodate having this mod in the classic game and not in the EE version. No big deal, as one said.

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