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Current version: 0.2 BETA

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Posted 01 January 2013 - 06:44 AM

Version History
Version beta 0.3 (26.11.2013)
  • BG2EE is now supported,
  • new psionic powers: Stygian Conflagration, Mind Shield, Personal Dispelling Buffer,
  • Summon Planar Ally no longer crashes the game,
  • should be compatible with Geomantic Sorcerer kit,
  • psions casting time will now decrease by 1 at levels 7/11/15
  • at psion levels 5/9/13/17 a penalty of -1 will be imposed to victim's saving throws
  • other changes.
Version beta 0.2 (02.03.2013)
  • BGEE is now supported,
  • improved compatibility with BGT (previously it worked only with older versions of BGT),
  • two new psionic powers: Inertial Armor and Concussion Blast,
  • improved graphical effects,
  • the bug with blank item descriptions has been fixed,
  • other changes.
Version 0.1 beta (01.01.2013)
  • First public release.

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