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The Silver Fur of Selūne - a Werewolf / Priest Kit

werewolf selune selūne silver fur priest cleric kit lycanthropy

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Posted 20 April 2013 - 11:34 AM

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File Name: The Silver Fur of Selūne - a Werewolf / Priest Kit
File Submitter: Ulb
File Submitted: 20 Apr 2013
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

Available Languages: English, German
Mod Forum: Here

The Silver Fur of Selûne - a Werewolf / Priest Kit
for BG2: SoA / ToB / BGT / TuTu

The Silver Fur of Selûne (click here to download) is a werewolf kit for the priest class and should be compatible with all other WeiDU mods out there.
It is intended to be part of a bigger mod pack, centered around lycanthropy. You can read more about that idea here.
For a more detailed overview, including information regarding compatibility and installation, please check out the readme!

Full in-game kit description:

Many Thanks to:
- ShS Form User 'Eric P.' for proofreading.
- The Spellhold Studios, it's forum community and the people that keep it up and running.
- CamDawg for his Kit Creation Guide.
- The makers and maintainers of:
            - WeiDU: Westley Weimer & Valerio Bigiani (The Bigg)
            - NearInfinity: Jon Olav Hauglid
            - TobEx: Ascension64
            - all the other awesome BG2 mods.

Click here to download this file

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