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BiG World Setup (an attempt to update the program)

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#5541 The Imp

The Imp

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Posted Today, 02:22 AM

BGT weidu is the latest mod you should refer to.

It's as good as ANY mod, on availability.

And you are wrong about how many moding sites there is. For one, there has been far more than there are today.


You can't refer to mods that had no release for the latest 6 years. These pose no problems with BWS. You have to refer to new mods\new version of mods, paired with old mods and new versions of other new mods.

But I just did.

If you intention is to get BiG World experience, then you don't even try to install newTM mods to it.

This has actually been always the case. Yes, this is reflected even in this:

but you are neglecting the most precious resources a player has when playing - TIME. Why would I be installing one, two, three times BWS until I got a perfect compilation, when a player can't even fathom if the game is going to work in all areas and all stuff until he has played the whole game, while you can actually choose 10 mods, ask on the forum instructions on how to best install them and actually have a decent working game and relax with it, instead of having to troubleshoot?

See, thing is, you can either op it in, or out.

And most sparing time savers op all of it out.

Yep, Jarno Mikkola. my Mega Mod FAQ. Use of the BWS, and how to use it(scroll down that post a bit). 
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Posted Today, 03:00 AM


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