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[MOD] Saradas Revisioned Shapeshifter

druid werewolf shapeshifter revision

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#1 Saradas

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Posted 01 April 2015 - 08:51 PM

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File Name: Saradas Revisioned Shapeshifter
File Submitter: Saradas
File Submitted: 02 Apr 2015
File Category: BG:EE Mods


This mod is a rebalancing of the shapeshifter's skills compatible with Bg1:EE Bg2:EE SoA + ToB.

I've always thought this wonderful kit didn't express its full potential, due to some bugs and
a limited design.
What bugged me the most was the lack of progression. First of all, the Shapeshifter's level was almost pointless to determining the strength of the Werewolf forms...
And some features were never implemented (immunity to normal weapons, regeneration....)
So, beside adding some new features, I slightly improved the two forms in order to keep them useful and competitive in the late parts of SoA and ToB without resulting overpowered.




This mod improves the synergy between class level and shapeshifting power. When the druid reaches a certain level, his werewolf form becomes stronger, according to this table:


WEREWOLF FORM:------------------LV 1                 LV 13                 LV 15                 LV 20Claw +2 1d8          Claw +2 1d8+1         Claw +3 1d8+2         Claw +3 1d8+3 / Poison on hitSTR +2               STR +2                STR +2                STR +3DEX +2               DEX +2                DEX +2                DEX +3CON +2               CON +2                CON +2                CON +3APR +1               APR +1                APR +2                APR +2HP +10               HP +20                HP +30                HP +30M RES: +20           M RES: +30            M RES: +40            M RES: 40BASE AC: 3           BASE AC: 2            BASE AC: 1            BASE AC:0Thac0: +1            Thac0: +2             Thac0: +3             Thac0: +3Hasted               ELEM RES: +10         ELEM RES: +20         ELEM RES: +30                     PHYS RES: +10         PHYS RES: +20         PHYS RES: +25                     REG: 1HP/s            REG: 1HP/s            REG: 1HP/s                     Hasted                IMM POISON & DIS      IMM POISON & DIS                                           IMM NORM WEAPON       IMM NORM WEAPON                                           Hasted                HastedGREATER WEREWOLF FORM:---------------------------LV 13                           LV 17                                   LV 20Claw +3 2d6/ Poison on hit      Claw +4 2d6+1 / Poison on hit           Claw +5 2d6+2 / Poison on hit + Knock BackSTR +3                          STR +4                                  STR +4DEX +3                          DEX +4                                  DEX +4CON +4                          CON +5                                  CON +5APR +2                          APR +2                                  APR +2HP +30                          HP +40                                  HP +50M RES: +40                      M RES: +50                              M RES: +50BASE AC: -6                     BASE AC: -6                             BASE AC: -6Thac0: +3                       Thac0: +5                               Thac0: +6ELEM RES: +50                   ELEM RES: +50                           ELEM RES: +50PHYS RES: +33                   PHYS RES: +35                           PHYS RES: +35IMM POISON & DIS                IMM POISON & DIS                        IMM POISON & DISIMM NORM WEAPON                 IMM NORM WEAPON                         IMM NORM WEAPONREG: 2HP/s                      REG: 2HP/s                              REG: 3HP/sHasted                          Hasted                                  Hasted



The claws' improvement keeps the werewolf forms useful against tougher enemies (Liches for example) and their damage type is now slashing, not piercing.
I kept the first level of shapeshifts werewolf very close to the vanilla one, this way the kit will not result overpowered in BG1:EE (it will not regenerate, it is not immune to poisons or normal weapons).
At higher levels (reached in SoA) the shapeshifted form of the druid will scale well with the progression of the game.
Moreover, I thought it was lazy putting the same stats for every shapeshifting druid.
In vanilla version, the werewolf form has standard stats for strength and dexterity, so it could potentially be counterproductive for high level characters, and very unbalanced for weak characters.

With my mod, the druid's stats receive a buff (constitution and maximum HP too), resulting in an enhancment of the druid's prowess, but still proportional to his/her initial stats in human form.


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#2 Gel87

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Posted 13 October 2015 - 11:47 AM

Hi, the mod looks interesting :)


I tryed to install it, but i cant find it in the kit list under druid, I only find normal shapechanger... Is it implemented into that? :) Or is it a npc u can have joining ur team? :)


Nvm, found out after checking with near infinity :P 


I started out as werewolf now, looks strong as a level 1 char ;d Do you think this can single run bg1 / bg2? Or do i have to modify it a little to do so? :P Its a long while to w8 from level 1 to level 13 to gain improvements ;d  

Edited by Gel87, 13 October 2015 - 12:11 PM.

#3 -Seth-

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Posted 19 January 2017 - 01:47 PM

Found a bug with this. My level 13 shapeshifter got a level drain from a trap, and suddenly the Greater Werewolf power changed itself, the icon turning into something else. When I tried to use it, I could only use it on myself as a spell but it did nothing. When I tried to rest to maybe get rid of the effect, the game crashed. I fixed it with a restoration spell, though, and all was well again. That said, nice mod. :) It balances the werewolf forms nicely and doesn't seem to have any issues, like the other shapeshifter fixes I've tried.

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