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Longer Road for EE


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Posted 25 February 2017 - 02:09 PM

ALIEN Posted Yesterday, 06:32 PM

Well, I've got permission from Janetta (dorotea) to host mod at github.com

... So how about we leave old BG2 version alone and use all new EE engine features to atleast make it properly working for EE/EET/linux/osx?

Continued from this discussion http://www.shsforums...-16#entry593261



I started working on this. I have now a testable first version.


LREE Version 1.6 EE (Changelog based on v1.5.1)
- incorporated known issues from BWFixpack
- removed tiz/tis conversion and use PVRZ
- updated portraits for EE
- updated journal entries for EE
- updated item descriptions and useability
- use now wav instead ogg and remove conversion
- adapted scripts to EE functions
- inserted all of the above in the TP2
- LREE now requires Ascension


Installed it on BG2EE - no errors

Started ToB campaign, with initial scenes and beginning of Saradush and having recruited Irenicus.

Looks quite promising. I will take him to WK pretty soon to see how his quest works and then probably deliver the revised mod to github for others to try.

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The Sandrah Saga

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Posted 02 March 2017 - 01:21 PM

The Beta version is now available for interested testers



I have tested it in BG2EE but it should be fully compliant with EET as well (it is only for the ToB campaign and uses no EET specific features).

Due to the manyfold possible solutions at ToB final, I could only test a limited number of variations so far, there may be minor bugs somewhere.


This is a pure technical adaptation of the original mod by ladydorotea. No contents has been altered.

In order to avoid problems with dependencies and overlap that were contained in the original mod, I decided to make Ascension pre-requisite. This reflects the original idea and setup of the mod (contents wise and technical).


I am considering to add an optional component to reflect Irenicus role during SoD which could not have been in the original mod, of course. But first the mod itself should be stable and accepted for BG2EE and EET.


Other ToDo's

- add journal entries I might have missed

- revise item description for EE in the translations

- test the Demogorgon return scene (requires Irenicus presence during WK final battle.) - although I am confident it works fine since no change from old game and played it there several times.

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The Sandrah Saga

another piece of *buggy, cheesy, unbalanced junk*


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Posted 13 March 2017 - 11:46 PM

Install sequence

This sequence was already documented in the BWP manual. It is still applicable for the EE update

1. Ascension

2. Longer Road EE

3. Wheels of Prophesy


It is the trio of mods that make ToB a more interesting campaign (and add Sarevok romance to it, but this is independent.)

The Sandrah Saga

another piece of *buggy, cheesy, unbalanced junk*


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