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Does anyone know Snowking (writer of the discontinued Mazzy Romance)?

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Posted 27 March 2017 - 07:15 PM

Hello all,

         Many years ago Snowking was writing a Mazzy Romance. It has a forum here: http://www.shsforums...-mazzy-romance/


The romance was never finished or released. I have gotten a hold of Lord-Jyssev who worked with Snowking on the mod, but he said that he hasn't talked with Snowking in years and that he doesn't have any of the mod saved anywhere. So the only way to get any of what was written is to find Snowking (and he hasn't been on this forum since 2009).


Meanwhile (Ratatoskr)  and I are making a new Mazzy mod, All Things Mazzy, which will include a romance (other things are already coded, but the romance isn't yet). We want to find Snowking to see if he still has any of what he created and if he'll let use some of it, and we're hoping maybe we can get permission to use his inactive forum as well.


So does anyone know Snowking in real life or on another forum and can help us contact him?





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