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Baldurs Gate Trilogy getting new release 1.19

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Posted 05 February 2019 - 01:02 PM

We are happy to announce that BGT, one of the modding staples since the dawn of times, has finally received yet another update after almost six-year long hiatus. Thanks to the efforts of CamDawg, the mod has got improved compatibility with BG2 FixPack and as of now incorporate all BGT fixes so far employed in BWP FixPack.


Installation changes

  • Resolved a minor compatibility issue with BG2 Fixpack

Incorporated the following fixes from the Big World Fixpack

  • Fixed locked chest in Duchal Palace that couldn't be opened
  • Cleaned up junk references in the rest spawn block of the Cloakwood Mines
  • One of the piles in the werewolf caverns was using a bag container icon
  • Added a delay for the playing of the BG sunrise/sunset movies to avoid repeats
  • Imoen not gets her soundset fully moved over in BG2
  • Ender Sai should now move to the door and leave more effectively
  • The Sirine Queen will now leave after handing over Evalt's body
  • BG area music is now assigned dynamically
  • Compatibility fixes for TDD
  • Fixed dialogue bug with Therella
  • The BG-BG2 transition now sets variables before the movie to be a little more robust
  • Due to a typo, BGT was not pulling over Polish soundsets


The Old Gold - v0.2 WIP (mod for BGT/BWP/BWS)