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Help with BiG World Project v18.1

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#1 tomkaz

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Posted 14 May 2019 - 11:14 AM

Hi All:


Do to my age, I am having some memory problems.  So I would appreciate some forgiveness when I repeat something or make dumb mistakes.


With BWP v18.1, I have no luck with a megamod game.  So far I have tried over 40 megamods this year and had very little luck with the mega modgame.  You name it, I have tried it.  I few times, I have gotten Baldur's Gate work to where I kill Sarevok, but I always crash where Mae Var captures me or in  Irenicus' stronghold in Athkatla.  Right now, I am starting with the mods in Corrections and Improvements and in BG1 sections.  I will try a megamod game with them,  If a game works, I will add each section untill I eliminate any problems.


I am having trouble with using SPOILERS.  I find the spoiler BB Code.  Open the box and type in the message, then save the spoiler.  This is what I get.


     Damn, this time it worked!


Please tell me how to correct the mistake (s) I make when I go ti save the spoiler.


Another problem I have is fixing atweaks v4.53.  I found this on Beamdog.  ",,,copy and rename a WeiDU executable from another mod."  My problem is I do not know what "a WeiDU executable" is.  Spent a log time trying to find that one,  Found lots of pages about WeiDU but nothing about executable.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Another wish.  I need to check out me computers.  What I could use is a BWP megamod that worked on another computer.  I would need a list of mods used, a copy of individual.bat if it was modified and the selections use for the game.  If anyone can provide that information, I really would appreciate that.


Thanks to all who can help,


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#2 semaj577

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Posted 17 May 2019 - 05:16 AM

Hello. Maybe that needs a "little" more explanation. Every file .exe in any of the mods IS actually a weidu file. Weidu is the program that allow to install multiple mods in a single game (before weidu, it was very difficult to install more than 1 mod, the most knowed try to install a megamod was big picture; today big picture is not anymore that, is a difficulty and ia mod, like scs).

Every .exe file is a weidu file, just renamed like the folder´s mod name, with the words "setup-" at the beginning. For example, is the mod folder name is "atweaks", then you have to rename a weidu.exe file to "setup-atweaks.exe". Why is so simple? Because the instruccions to install the mod and all its features are inside the .tp2 mod file. If there´s no .tp2 file in the mod, then something is wrong (or, to be more accurate, missing). You are correct, many modders starts to release theirs mods without the .exe file (the weidu file). I think this is because since version 245 of weidu (today is 246, and bwp v18.1.2 use 245 version 32 bits if i remember correctly), you can choose if you want install the 32 bits version or the 64 bits version of weidu. I honestly dont know what is the real diference between them, but since i have baldurs gate 2+tob, not the EE versions, and always the instalation of mods was in 32 bits, i use the 32 bits version of weidu 246 IN BWP v18.1.2 (there´s a trick to do that).

Just to clarify a little more: versions 242 and 243 of weidu were very polemic. Why? Because those versions lost compatibility with older mods. I won´t explain the why, is to much and you can find the discution if you google it, i just going to say that was "fixed" in version 244 of weidu (the "stable" release). Warning with that, is not accurate than you have to rename any .exe of weidu, you have to download the lastest stable release, and today is 246 (and select the version, 32 bits or 64 bits, i choose the 32 bits). Then rename the .exe with the mods folders name with the words "setup-" in the beginning.

Weidu has and autoupdate ability when you run any .exe file -this is very critized by some modders, again google it, is too much to put in an answer-, the autoupdate will "update" any weidu "older". You can check this, manually: go to every .exe file and check for the weight: if all are the same, the only difference is the name, that´s is a proof than all are the same version. So, is innacurate to rename any .exe file: if you are going to put and .exe file to an updated mod, like atweaks, scs v32 or tweaks anthologies v8 (like i have done in my bwp v18.1.2), YOU NEED THE MOST RECENT STABLE VERSION OF WEIDU, and that´s is 246. Why? because modders use the latest version of weidu, and if that versionhas new instructions (described in the changelogs of weidu, 245 has many and 246 is a fix to 245), and modders use those new instructions, then weidu won´t install the mod because you have and older version of it (it just dont recognize the instructions).

Well, i dont know if this clarify something to you or the opposite. Just read carefully what i said and many questions are solved, to you or anyone with the same question. Installing a megamod, and try to works well can be very frustating until you found the answers (read a lot is the trick)(and copy the anwers in the hard drive).

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#3 tomkaz

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Posted 17 May 2019 - 04:29 PM

Hi semaj577:


Thanks for the reply.  Your explanation is great.  It covers all of the details.  On of the best I have seen.  I had some minor surgery and need anther days rest.  I will read it now and then use the information to fix aTweaks v4.53.  BWPv18.1 uses WeiDU 244.  I already deleted v246 so I do not expect to have any trouble.


Thanks again,