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SHS: Edwin Romance updates to v3.0 with new Edwina and other portraits

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Posted 12 October 2022 - 09:42 PM



Edwin Romance

This is a Weidu mod for Baldur's Gate, Shadows of Amn, that allows the player to carry out a romantic relationship with Edwin Odesseiron, that insulting Thayvian wizard wearing red. It is compatible with BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET!

There are five components. Three of them require the main romance component to be installed, but the last two (New Viconia Ending and Give Edwina a Portrait) can be installed without it:

- Main component: Edwin Romance. This installs the Edwin romance, with all content described below.

- Restore Edwin's BG1 portrait: This will change Edwin's portrait to the BG1 one. For this, the BG1 portraits are just renamed to the BGII ones, no name change is done to any other files. Because of this, the portrait change will take effect even if the component is installed after meeting Edwin in the game. (Installing the mod late is still not recommended.)

- Edwin flirts: This component adds the so called "player initiated dialogue" (PID) choices for an active romance.

- New ending for Viconia Romance by Laufey: Changes the ToB epilogue for Viconia. Install this component late after any other mods that might add dialogues to Edwin to be sure there will be no compatibility problem leading to stutter bugs.

- Give Edwina a Portrait: This component will give "Edwina" an own (female) portrait. If the component "Restore Edwin's BG1 portrait" is installed before, the Edwina Portrait will be an adaption of Edwin's BG1 portrait. Both Edwina portraits are from Syntia13. The component is not compatible with the "Female Edwina" components from Tweaks Anthology or Ease of Use.


The new version comes with a new component featuring new portraits for Edwina, new quest character portraits, bugfixes, and more support for Project Infininty!

The new Edwina portraits are from Syntia13 and cover both Edwin's BG1 and BGII portraits!

The new quest character portraits are from Laufey, using Artflow AI.


- New component added: "Give Edwina a Portrait". This component is not dependent on the main romance component.
- Edwin transform spells are no longer replaced but patched. Portrait change for Edwina is an own component.
- BG1 portrait component no longer patches files with the BG1 portrait names, but just copies and renames them to the BGII file names.
- Main romance component is no longer incompatible with "Female Edwina" of Ease of Use.
- Patching of epilogue (ar6200.bcs) more stable, install should not fail.
- EE: Edwin should not try to leave due to reputation if in active romance.
- Anomen's romance will be set to broken in two specific instances where it was missing so it doesn't break others.
- more support for Project Infinity: added globally unique LABELs, install order syntax.
- Copying of BAMs unified for EE and oBGII.
- Old portraits removed due to Copyright questions.
- New portraits for main quest characters added.
- tra line numbers in the setup.tra changed to prevent mixups with lines from game.tra.
- Readme updated with new components' description etc.


Read the Readme

Visit the Forum

Download at SHS

Download from official GitHub Mirror at SpellholdStudios

Read the original article at The Gibberlings Three