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Viconia Romance Expanded for BG2EE + Phaere Expanded

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Posted 09 February 2024 - 09:49 AM

Viconia Romance Expanded is the first in a series of planned mods that carefully expand the original BG2 romances. The mod enables the romance for all races and genders and has a unique romance path for female CHARNAMES.  Learn how drow society treats same-sex relationships, navigate new relationship obstacles, and fall in love all over again!
  • F/F Romance that does not require sexual acts, making it ace-friendly.
  • New romance conflicts and interjections for Anomen, Rasaad, and Hexxat.
  • Existing romance conflicts were written or modified to support same-sex romances with Anomen, Rasaad, Jaheira, and Aerie.
  • Improved and expanded dialogue for both genders.
    • LT7: Viconia’s compliment is reflective of CHARNAME’s stats.
    • LT13: The events of SOD are acknowledged. The player may also have a more personalized discussion of how Viconia views CHARNAME’s race. Relatedly, LT31 has Viconia say she "likely" worshipped Lolth longer than CHARNAME has been alive in order to account for longer-lived races.
    • LT35: The dialogue option stating that Viconia mentioned her brother will only appear if she actually mentioned her brother.
    • LT37: Dialogue referencing Viconia's story about the baby will change to reflect if she actually told the story.
    • LT55: CHARNAME can share more specific coming-of-age moments with Viconia. Imoen may interject if present.
    • LT57: Viconia’s dialogue will reflect the current state of the plot, including whether or not Imoen has been rescued and if Bodhi is still alive.
    • LT59: When discussing the future, the player can now bring up their stronghold (if any) and Viconia will react accordingly.
    • Romance support for all races (with a few special changes for a half-elf).
  • A few minor grammar, spelling, and miscellaneous corrections.
The mod is has been completed for SOA and an update for TOB is in progress.
Phaere Expanded
This option allows female CHARNAMEs to flirt and sleep with Phaere. Includes new reactivity from Anomen, Rasaad, and Hexxat. Adds dialogue options to Aerie's reaction that can prevent the romance from breaking. Please be aware that this component does not remove the coercive elements original to Phaere's dialogue.
Unlock Other Romances
Provided for the sake of convenience, this component removes romance restrictions on characters who have not yet been expanded. This includes Jaheira, Aerie, Anomen, Rasaad, and Neera. Aside from a few instances here and there, their dialogue remains untouched and may refer to the player character incorrectly (e.g. pronouns).
This mod was designed to work specifically with BG2:EE and may not be compatible with the original release of BG2.
This mod should be compatible with other WeiDU mods. However, some mods may contradict specific elements of this mod. For example, other mods may reference a female CHARNAME as male, due to Viconia's unmodded romance being locked to males. Viconia may also refer to half-elf NPCs with less-than-charitable terms even if she has promised a half-elf CHARNAME to no longer do so. Compatibility patches for such instances are planned for future versions of this mod. If you encounter any major mod conflicts, please leave a comment here.
Otherwisely — writing and coding
Kiiratam — beta reading, feedback/suggestions, support
Tools used in creation: Notepad++, WeiDu, IESDP, Larenil’s drow dictionary, Branwen for BG2
Thank you to the greater BG2 modding community and the wonderful guides and resources that have been developed in the 20+ years since this game was first released.

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Posted 09 February 2024 - 09:50 AM