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In Topic: Crystal Blades

28 April 2009 - 12:34 AM

:coolthumb: Nice work bud.

Loving it. Personally, however, I'd make a crystal of the refined essence of order seem more like a clear, almost translucent edge rather than a more irregular edge, which to me implies some degree of chaos.

In Topic: Ideas Wanted - Dark Brotherhood Replacement Mod - *spoilers*

28 April 2009 - 12:26 AM

No ideas so far... still looking for help!

I've made some progress and solved a few of them myself, however I still need help on two of the quests:
- Accidents Happen
- Whodunnit

Many Thanks

- Accidents Happen
This is the one in Bruma, right? This is the easiest kill you'll have since Rufio.
Obvious solutions at the bottom of this post. Suggestions here.

1 - Houses in Bruma are built in a traditional Scandinavian style, with half the entire building underground. When you can't go in the front door you.......

2 - Baenlorn is notorious for operating an unwavering routine  and you are told that this is th best time to strike.  You're not wanting to think of directly offensive stuff here, more like dropping someething on someone's head.

3 - walls aren't always  solid.

- Whodunnit
This is basically a game of intrigue and you can, with a decent speech skill and in a style that would make Sithis Himself weep with admiration, manipulate the emotions of the other guests and then begin to slowly terrify the daylights out of them. You can complete this entire job without lifting a single finger, and the house registers as vacant/ownerless so you can strip the place dry.

- Accidents Happen
Go round the back of the house, loot the shit out of the cellar, head into the bodyguard's room and activate the crawlspace. Get in there, wait till 8pm. Click he loosened nails, listen for a splatting thunk mixed with a cry of pain. Finish looting the upstairs (including one Nirnroot) and go home for your pay plus your mission bonus.

- Whodunnit
Clue, crossed with the Murder Game. This mission is best enjoyed as a systematic, psychological warfare campaign. With halfway decent persuasion skill you can not only send the Dunmer upstairs to sausage the nobleman (and kill her when she's up there); you can steal the ex-Imperial Legionnaire's full suit of armour; and kill him in the process because he's an annoying ass OR have the older, frumpy noblewoman get the hots for the black, ex-Legionnaire; you also get the exquisite fun of listening to the increasingly paranoid, frightenened ramblings and conversations of the others. This leads to an awesome finale, a simple speech check at the end has whichever of the two remaining survivors you speakj to first decide that you're not the killer. They then grab the nearest weapon (and there are iron daggers, iron handaxes and a steel shortsword littered around the house) and butcher the second, leaving you free to punt them into the jaws of Sithis.

Incidentally, all targets on this mission have 1hp making meeting the "all kills done without being exposed" requirement, because if you hit someone and they survive, alarm gioes off and you're shafted.

edit: Argh, F my typing tonight.

In Topic: "I HAVE NO GREETING" Problem

27 April 2009 - 10:53 PM

I ran into this exact same problem back when I made the "Blood Wine" mod that allowed vampires to take bottles of blood along on adventures for emergencies.

From what I've been told, you need to set up some conversation elements for them. You do this by double-clicking on them in the character edit menu.

I really should get with the learnification on the scripting/conversationn/quest engine some time.