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In Topic: NearInfinity

01 April 2020 - 12:18 AM

Update: NearInfinity v2.1-20200401

A new version is available after a long wait, which provides a great number of new features, various improvements and many bugfixes. You can find out more in the changelog below.

Many thanks to Mingun for his contributions over the past two years.


  • Show search names of areas (if available), creatures, items, spells and stores in the resource navigation tree (thanks Mingun) <- can be turned on/off in Options menu
  • Show overridden resources in bold in the resource navigation tree (thanks Mingun) <- can be turned on/off in Options menu
  • Moved game-related configuration files (such as baldur.lua, WeiDU.log, ...) from Edit menu to the new "Special" folder in the resource navigation tree
  • Bookmarks: Use game name by default (thanks Mingun)
  • Copy or rename game resources: Show a default naming suggestion; allow change of extension for rename operation
  • Added script compiler option "Autogenerate BCS comments" for scripts, mass exporter and bcs drop zone
  • Improved enforcing global font size for all UI text (useful for high dpi displays)
  • BAM Converter -> Splitted BAM Output: Fixed filename suffix generation
  • Mass Converter: Fixed automatic TIS V1 -> V2 conversion
  • Reference Searcher: Included type MENU
  • Improved DLG checker: cover more potential issues (thanks Mingun)
  • Improved tooltips in Area Viewer: Show parent structure names or search names if available (thanks Mingun)
  • ARE -> Actor View tab: Show CRE information in separate tab if available
  • Visual improvements in View tabs for ARE Container, GAM and SPL Ability structures
  • Show item ability name (from tooltip.2da) in View tab
  • Show dialog resref of conversable itemsin View tab
  • IWD2: Fixed misaligned controls and background dimension in CHU viewer
  • Added Raw tab to DLG resources (thanks Mingun)
  • Fixed various bugs in View tab of DLG resources (thanks Mingun)
  • Fixed permanent high CPU/GFX load when states or responses with script blocks are selected
  • Greatly improved dialog tree viewer (thanks Mingun)
    • Colorize entries from external dialog resources
    • Removed cyclic redundancy of dialog branches: use links instead (double click to activate)
    • Update Tree view when entries are changed in Edit view
    • Visualization of orphaned state and response entries
    • Added option to always show state 0 if available
    • Various bug fixes
  • Improvements to Edit view of structured resources:
    • Added new conversion option "Edit ad bit field" to context menu for numeric fields
    • Added new conversion option "Edit as resref" to context menu for text fields
    • Added new option "Go to offset" for section offset fields to jump straight to referenced structures
    • Fixed finding attribute by offset (thanks Mingun)
    • Added option to colorize offset fields (thanks Mingun) <- can be turned on/off in Options menu
  • Improved BCS script decompiler
    • Edge cases, such as functions with empty strings or wildcards, are decoded properly.
    • Order of signature definition in action.ids and trigger.ids have no impact on script decoding anymore
  • Added support for virtual string references via ENGINEST.2DA
  • New field in ARE -> Actor structure: Alternate actor name
  • New field in GAM V2.2: Nightmare mode
  • Improved CRE field label: Undead level -> Turn undead level
  • Updated SPL and ITM ability flag labels
  • Retrieve custom ITM flag labels dynamically from itemflag.ids
  • Fixed ambiguous description of spellprot stat 0x104
  • Added default entry to source item slot list in EFF V2
  • Updated STO flags
  • Updated opcodes 13, 23, 24, 25, 78, 98, 108, 109, 272, 279, 282, 290
  • IWD2: Fixed opcode 402
  • Allow negative numbers in parameter 1 of opcode 233
  • Original PST: Added Quest Viewer to GAM resources and Resource Tree -> Special -> quest.ini (thanks Mingun)
  • Original PST: Added custom Viewer for Bestiary structure in GAM resources (thanks Mingun)
  • Fixed priority order of override folders
  • Fixed adding removables in CHR when section offset is 0
  • Fixed reading BAM V1 resources with non-standard palette size
  • Improved BG Tutu detection
  • Various stability fixes (thanks Mingun)
  • Internal code refactoring and cleanup (thanks Mingun)

In Topic: NearInfinity

23 March 2020 - 09:24 AM

Recently, while working on an object for IWD2, I noticed an error in NearInfinity, in the list of values associated with the opcode #402. It seems that you have taken the one from the opcode #290, but it turns out that it is slightly different, as we can check in the effects.src file, and as the IESDP also indicates.
It was when I wanted to create an object with the effect #402 that I realized this. The effect applied while the values entered (80 -> Near enemies | 86 Daytime) had to ensure that it did not apply! Indeed in the list of the Effects.src file, the values are different (80 -> not goblin | 86 not keg).

Thank you. I'll add a fix.


Btw, I have recently started coding again (after a prolonged time of absence). I'll probably publish a new version shortly.

In Topic: Improved Archer Kit

19 January 2020 - 06:07 AM

New version: Improved Archer Kit v3.1

Changes in v3.1:

  • Updated Russian translation (thanks JamesMaxwell)
  • Fixed typos in ability descriptions

In Topic: Compatibility with Project Infinity

30 December 2019 - 03:43 PM

1. Are there any known mods which check if setup-bgtmusic.tp2 is installed? If there are, the alternative would be to package BGT with separate folders: bgt/bgt.tp2, bgt.ini and bgtmusic/bgtmusic.tp2, bgtmusic.ini.

A quick scan of my old BWS backup shows that 1PP High Quality Music for BGT contains a setup-bgtmusic.tp2 check. It's also mentioned in Revised Battles, but I don't think as a requirement check.

In Topic: Overview

29 December 2019 - 10:10 AM

New version available: Golem Construction for Spellcasters v6.1


  • Added Russian translation (thanks to Arkie).