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Tis2Ovl - A TIS overlay converter

05 October 2019 - 07:50 AM

File Name: Tis2Ovl - A TIS overlay converter
File Submitter: Argent77
File Submitted: 05 Oct 2019
File Category: IE Modding Tools

Tilesets with overlays (e.g. water or lava) are not directly interchangeable between the original BG2 engine and the Enhanced Editions, as both engines expect different overlay mask definitions. This command line tool allows you to convert tilesets between the two engine variants.

Usage: tis2ovl [OPTIONS]... WEDFILE...

Retrieve information from WEDFILE(s) to convert tileset (TIS) overlays between classic BG2 and
Enhanced Edition games.

  -c            Convert TIS overlays from classic to Enhanced Edition mode.
  -e            Convert TIS overlays from Enhanced Edition to classic mode.
                (Note: Omit -c and -e to autodetect TIS overlay conversion mode.)
  -s path       Search path for TIS files. This option can be specified multiple times.
                Default: current directory
  -o out_path   Output directory for TIS files. Omit to update source TIS files instead.
  -q            Enable quiet mode. Do not print any log messages to standard output.
  -h            Print this help and exit.
  -v            Print version information and exit.

TIS file names are retrieved from the specified WED files. They are searched for in the specified search paths, or the current directory if no search path has been specified. Only palette-based tilesets are supported by the tool.

Note: On systems with case-sensitive filesystems TIS filenames are assumed to be lower-cased.

The package contains the source code, binaries for Windows, Linux (both in 32-bit and 64-bit variants) and macOS as well as a collection of WeiDU functions to deal with tis2ovl executables for multiple platforms and architectures, including a detailed description and example code. The latest source code is also available on GitHub.

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