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Protagonist-Be-Gone! for BG2, BGT, Tutu, BGEE, BG2EE and EET

31 March 2023 - 11:51 PM

Protagonist Be Gone!

Download: Protagonist-Be-Gone! v1.0

In the tradition of "XXX-Be-Gone" mods I present to you Protagonist-Be-Gone!. This mini mod removes the protagonist, so that Imoen can finally take her rightful place in the game. For that reason the mod provides a "slightly" modified start of the BG1 and BG2 parts of the game series.

The mod is compatible with original BG2, BGT, Tutu, BG:EE, BG2:EE and EET.


BTW: I tried out an AI-based voice changing software and recorded a new line for Jon Irenicus in David Warner's voice that can be heard in the BG2 opening cutscene. Since I'm not a native English speaker and have never done this before I'm curious how it turned out.

Have fun with the mod!