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In Topic: seeking advice re: a character build for BGT game

31 July 2008 - 08:24 AM

Or you could use Level 1 NPCs to make someone (Say, Imoen) into a Kensai/Mage/Thief... or a Fighter/Mage/Swashbuckler... or a Fighter/Wild Mage/Thief. ;)

In Topic: Final call for bugs for BGT-WeiDU v1.05b

29 July 2008 - 02:33 AM

Possibly the innate Special Abilities that the Bhaalspawn acquires.

In Topic: Comments on "The Chronicles of Estra"

29 July 2008 - 02:31 AM

Thanks, Shadow! Like I think I mentioned in the other topic, the pointing out of inconsistencies, errors and the like will be gratefully received. Looking over some of my old stuff, though... A lot of it just seems *awful*. Then again, that's the reason I leave my old fanfiction up on the Net - to make myself shudder in horror whenever I decide to reread it again. :)

In Topic: What can change the nature of man?

22 July 2008 - 05:13 AM


Spoilers, obviously. ;)


NAMELESS ONE: ?If there is anything I have learned in my travels across the Planes, it is that many things may change the nature of a man. Whether regret, or love, or revenge or fear ? whatever you *believe* can change the nature of a man, can.?


NAMELESS ONE: ?Have I? I?ve seen belief move cities, make men stave off death, and turn an evil?s hag heart half-circle. This entire Fortress has been constructed from belief. Belief damned a woman, whose heart clung to the hope that another loved her when he did not. Once, it made a man seek immortality and achieve it. And it has made a posturing spirit think it is something more than a part of me.?

In Topic: What's the closest character to a Jedi I can play?

21 July 2008 - 04:27 PM

And, it's sort of hard to get over the fact that Jedi don't really belong in FR.

Which is why you always need to keep one simple quote at hand: "The Law of Averages: Because somewhere in the Multiverse, I'm right." ;)