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In Topic: Modding for ToB

30 March 2010 - 05:57 PM

Sarevok Romance
Wheels of Prophecy

And The Longer Road. And Er'vonyrah, which non-polish people will hever have, haha. ^^
Anyway, I personally think it's because ToB is boring. And the plotline is worse than in Diablo, so anything actually good would stand out. And that's why it's better to stop playing after killing Irenicus in Hell and go read some fanfiction.

Give me your address and I will be HAPPY to send you the Novelization of Baldur's Gate II (I will even Pay you to take the thing outa my bookshelf...but I regress)

You've made my point exactly here. SoA is a great paced, well written and very involved type of game. ToB isn't bad...exactly...but it hasa lot less content and the game play is more of a straightaway with very little chance for side quests.

With that in mind, I would think folks would line up to add additional content to ToB. It was mentioned that in the course of the game, with the Bhallspawn troubles coming to a head it might be difficult, but I don't see it that way.

Even a mod that adds side quests (and thanks for the info - I knew about Saravok, but the other two... :) ) would be well received.



In Topic: Is it possible for a simple script to control special encounter?

13 March 2010 - 10:54 AM

Is there any type of script I could write that would check and see if there were any OTHER than Bioware NPCs in party and if so spawn some type of creature in response?

Well, you *could* account for every single mod NPC, even handle them all in huge OR() blocks, but it wouldn't account for future NPCs. It'd be a lot simpler to just check the race or some other stat of each party member and spawn the creature type that way, e.g.:
Or something like that. You'd still need at least 36 blocks this way (# of party members * # of races) but that's a fairly easy copy-paste job, and a damn sight fewer blocks than accounting for every single possible NPC.

I MUST be catching on a little, but...

Y'know, I actually envisioned trying something like what you've described - block checks for Race rather than character, though I didn't have a Clue as to how to work it. But...


For this scene it wouldn't work. I fudged a lil on the details when I posted this (I shouldn't have, I guess) to keep my secrets. The enemies facing the party - to be determined by Who is there with >CHARNAME< were to be spectors of the dearly departed from each of them - Patrick for Mazzy, Khalid for Jaheira and so on - which is why it suddenly came to me that I would quickly hit a wall.

My first plan was, in the event of a Mod NPC being found in the party by the game, was a script that would generate a random undead type or two.

Now though I am thinking that a complete rewrite would be more in order. Not a hard thing to do as this quest is more a series of battles (sort of like in KELSEY) that lead up to this final encounter with a Mage/Necromancer.

In thinking about it, I think something else might be better.

I thank you! :)


In Topic: Question On Area Lighting/color/sounds

10 March 2010 - 09:21 PM

Not sure what the cow has to do with any of this, unless it's an example of the Community Resources not having stuff like doors or perhaps a double-frame or two-state graphic example (in which case it should really be a door, not a cow :D).

The cow was just to demonstrate that which I could not figure out - The only reason I could see it needing two heads and have that kind of background was that I figured it had to be something that the game would make move from one direction to the other - like an animation (Haven't figured out what THOSE are used for either yet, but I am not using any so not my prob)

There were other things like that - lanterns...with what appears to be pictures of the fire glow inside, elsewhere. and so on.

No matter.

I will try what you suggested in editing the area to a much darker color and bypassing the entire "Door" concept - in the scripting, the party cannot pass unless certain requirements are met anyway and a empty dark archway will work just as well.

The place where I get (Got?) mixed up was doing the editing on the bitmap. I tried this once before to edit what i needed and then could never get the thing to go back to the way it was for a working AREA - resulting in the need to start again from the get go.

Let me try and work with it and get back to you if need be. I am actually getting this and have all areas but two working and linked.

Slow going - but keeping much of it in place and renaming/changing scripts cuts it significantly!

Ongoing thanks!


In Topic: Question On Area Lighting/color/sounds

10 March 2010 - 12:07 PM

Edit: now if you want to add a door graphic to an *existing* area, there's a whole different process for that using BAMs and tp2 code, but you're not doing that (right now) and most of the process is detailed in a post between Yovaneth and Nythrun on gibberlings3.net anyhow, or there are examples in Aurora and Fishing For Trouble.

Yes, I am needing to add a door to an area where no door should be. I have found that in making a NEW area, doors are actually Easier (Well, actually I am cheating there just a little and using archways and travel regions/entrance points - so I am not having to deal with the entire "OPEN/CLOSE" DOOR" thing.

Where I am caught the most is that I need to edit IN a door to a PST Map I pulled where no door IS. (Please see pictures below)

Now, I can either figure out how to do this with the map I already pulled (I Hope) OR I can wipe Everything off the map and do it all over again from (A Re-edited) bitmap up. Not something I would like to do because of the light/height/search maps and sheer number of info points and so on.

In looking over the area in question, I notice that directly South of the place I need my door (the circled area) there IS a door that opens and closes. Is it possible to copy/paste this in the place where I need it and add the scripting/instructions from there? If so it would make everything Perfect!

I grabbed a bunch of .TIS files from community assets, but can't quite figure them out or find a tutorial I can understand (For example, that cow with two heads on the blue screen - also below for sake of argument - I know there is something there, and I am guesing that the two heads on the cow are to signify movement while the blue screen fades into the background - sort of like a gif... But I am not getting it.

Same with the door.

If I edit in a door to the bitmap, that will screw up everything else on there so far as light/height/search, even if I follow the directions on doormaking from the tuto (THAT I kinda get.)

I will need to do something. I have two areas that need to branch off to the LEFT from the original Dead Nations (PST) Area and one that has to go from the right. Unfortunately, the MAP has only one WORKING door to the right.

I suppose I could make another small map with a right angle bend that I could attach on the left side - soas to keep things "looking" right in (mental) continuation, but...

So I ask for help. :)

I'll either work it out or do a bypass, one way or another. :D

Thanks for the info - it IS helping, I have my areas 98% DONE now - quite an accomplishment for ME! (LOL)


In Topic: Question On Area Lighting/color/sounds

04 March 2010 - 08:48 PM

I thank you. It is going smoothly now.

I have got the areas fixed and I am finding that in the area files I have pulled, I can reuse many of the travel regions/entrance points by renaming/scripting them to link up where I need them to go.

I also figured out the item thing thanks to y'all. The cre thing for actors is slower, but I am getting it.

I am still working on putting in a new door, but I think I have found a way to make it work. My thing is I am trying to see what the generics are on light/search and height and match them. It is going slow but it is going, so I am pleased.

I thank you (both) and am very gratefull - though I cannot promise not to ask more in time. :)