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Modding for ToB

29 March 2010 - 11:51 AM

I was just looking some things over and noticed something I have been wondering about for quiate awhile.

Why is it there are virtually no mods for Throne of Bhall? I mean, there are fixpacks and tactical challenges, and a couple of other nuts and bolts mods - but there are no NPCs Just for ToB, nor any real added quest packs (other than a couple that come With modded NPCs - THOSE NPCs that were originally in SOA.)

I am just wondering why? Other than the number modifier behind anything ToB related, why do people not make NPCs/Quests major add ons for ToB - a game that, when ya get right down to it, might be in more NEED of such things than SoA.

Is there some kind of major headache involved in modding for ToB?


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Is it possible for a simple script to control special encounter?

13 March 2010 - 08:10 AM

When coding/scripting, having to take Every Possible choice and outcome into consideration is tough to keep track of!

So I am writing the final part of my final quest - I have gotten to writing/coding the big battle sequence and have run into a snag. For this battle there is one powerful wizard who uses his mojo to summon creatures to attack the party.

Now, the way I had it written, each party member has their own type of creatured summoned (Dwarfs for Korgan for example) up and down the line. - I had just about gotten done when I stopped to Play the regular game for awhile to relax. And as I began to play I realized that in MY party were three MOD characters.

It was at THAT point I just about fell outa my chair. It occured to me that, for My mod in the final battle, if the player happened to have any MOD NPCs in party then there would be no moster spawns for them, and it might even crash the game. What's more, there are new mod released often, so even if I Could track down Every single mod NPC and get their right scripting code, odds are that My mod would still be lacking in short order.


Is there any type of script I could write that would check and see if there were any OTHER than Bioware NPCs in party and if so spawn some type of creature in response? If so How would I write it? If not...

If Not I need to know because I am going to have to go back and do a major rewrite. In that event, is it possible to do something along the lines of IF (MyNPC) is in party and alive and so on, as the party travels to different places, there is a check and if conditions are right, they find a new (non joinable) character - have a conversation with him and send him to the copper cornet for a big send off later?

Thanks for the advice. Two of the three quests I have are done, but this little oversite with the last one just came to me.

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Question On Area Lighting/color/sounds

16 February 2010 - 07:19 AM

Hi all.

Minotaur Is (trying to) Mod again!

(And with that simple statement, I can imagine a couple of people 'round here experiencing dry heaves - given my track record - roflmao)

I am doing it a lil different this time, just playing with things I CAN do.

Areas, simple ones, for instance. (I can't make a CRE work but I can do area maps, go figure.)

Thing I am wondering about: On the light map there are about a million possible combinations, but is there an "Average" that the game uses for underground areas? The sewers, cult of the unseeing eye and the junk under the copper cornet for example are lit close to the same norm - is there any particular value that could be considered "Average" for the game areas above and below ground?

Also, is there any way to give an entire Area a background ambient?

I am making a sunken dungeon that is about half underwater and am trying to get the proper look to the thing. Color/lighting is driving me mad.

Last, Travel Regions. I got how to make those - but... In Icewind Dale (IWD II I think) there is a section where the party must aquire a rope and then "climb down a hole" - I have all my other travel regions linked right and working, but this one connnecting the two areas Crashes The Game whenever I have tried it.

(Please see pics, below - Image Reduced for forum) Any idea what I am doing wrong or what kind of scripting I need? I am trying to make it so they can only "Climb down" (or Up again, once there, if they have the rope and tie it in position. Otherwise they should get a floatover text saying that the rope there is to flimsy and they must find one.

Thanks and I will try not to be a pain.

Everything else is working well though now, so...

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Missing Qest from Darkest Day (via BWP)

07 February 2010 - 11:08 AM

Have Big World Project installed with Darkest Day - it is running okay but Shar-teel's quest seems bugged.

According to Darkest Day Walkthrough it should start:

"Shar-Teel (Found in Prison in Govt. District)
Quest 1) She is annoyed that some female tribeswoman has killed one of her tribe and is seeking retribution. Go to the northern end of the slum (x1640 y520) and speak to the half- Quallian warrior. A fight ensues resulting in their death. After the fight it transpires that the woman killed was Shar-Teel's sister. Make sure you choose conversation option 2 (otherwise she will turn hostile) Loot their bodies for very minor treasure."

Been all over the slums and cannot find this person. I am concerned that she is going to leave my party if I don't get her quest done.

Any thoughts? Is this a TDD bug or a BWP bug or am I just missing something?



Question/Problem About Install

15 January 2010 - 11:53 AM

I have used the BiG World Set up before - but found a funny thing.

The First time I used it, it dl everything fine and began the set up. UNfortunately the computer shut down due to other reasons.

After that, even doing a full reinstall of the whole BG series, I could never get the thing to work.

Now, having reformated my HD and reinstalling BG series and all required patches I am ready to go again.

In reading the FAQ/PFD instructions though I came across something I did not understand and wish to get a clairification on. (Highlighted Areas Mine) It said:

(will be executed by the BiG World Setup)

a) Download and unpack all the mods you are interested in, into a separate folder that you name BiG
World Project. The advantage of this is, that if you mess up the installation or want to start again because of an update or additional mod, you won?t need to individually unpack each Mod into the BGII -
SoA folder again before installation. Some mods try to auto install immediately after being unpacked.
Don?t worry: they can?t actually install as long as there is no dialog.tlk file present.
Move all unpacked mods into your folder BGII - SoA. A list of links for all of the BWP mods can be found here:


b) During the Installation some fixes and patches are required. All needed files (patches and fixes) are
included in the folders BiG World Fixpack and BiG World Installpack which can be downloaded at
the same site as these instructions: http://www.shsforums...oads&showcat=72
Copy the whole content into your BGII - SoA game folder.

So, I have two questions then:

1. Am I to understand, from what the directions say, that I am to run the BiG World setup and download/save all the files to a seperate folder - is there an option for this in the Big World Setup?

2. After I dl/save all of this to the folder I was told to THEN copy it to my BGII-SoA folder then will it begin to setup all these files on its own or do I need to go in and do it one by one (figuring out what needs to be done first and so on?

Thanks for any advise. Like I said, last time I tried this the BiG World Setup program only worked once, after that it would no longer do much and I don't feel like completely reformatting my HD all over again.

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