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In Topic: Errors and doubts with DSOTSC

Today, 06:19 AM

Hi, please post your weidu.log.


There are two versions of this mod: one for BG:EE, and this one for BGT/EET. This mod version for BGT/EET was nerfed and some overpowered items were removed.

In Topic: NTotSC for EET (and BGT and BG:EE) - Bugthread

Today, 06:15 AM

But I've killed the banshee and started the Release the Phantoms quest. In my first battle with the Dark One, I killed him and I cannot talk to the Phantom. Do I need to wait some more or is this a bug in my game?

This is DSotSC, not NTotSC. I'm not familiar enough with DSotSC to answer that question without research.

In Topic: DSotSC Bug Thread

Today, 06:13 AM

DSotSC introduces a new protective spell, Selune's Blessing, that is taken down by Breach. BUT it doesn't give that spell a name: instead it hardcodes the 'name' field of the spell to '34735'. I don't know why, as that string isn't 'Selune's Blessing', or anything similar, on any of the IE games. (The string 'Selune's Blessing' appears only in IWD2, and in a different slot). So this is a bug in DSotSC: the spell is misnamed.

From here:


In Topic: [!] Get the latest EET compatible Fishing For Trouble version on G

11 July 2020 - 09:42 PM

Thanks, Endarire! This is a good info to put here. I'd change the link to a more general one, though, in case there will be new releases: https://github.com/I...rouble/releases

In Topic: How to add travel point to existing area

28 June 2020 - 06:46 AM

Ah, ok, no, that's not what I meant. I felt like having dementia.