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Today, 03:23 AM

Awesome! Thank you for your continuous work on NI, argent!

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Yesterday, 10:43 PM

Are you saying you do not the the circus forum? http://www.shsforums...quayles-circus/


SHS doesn't have an active admin currently so there is nothing we can do if that's the case. :(

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29 March 2020 - 01:47 AM

I'm pretty sure the druid circle is related to the Orc King Tomb since you supposedly find the Orc King's sword there?

Ah, you were referring to the orcs shamans. I was thinking about human druids, sorry.

The cave where the orc shamans are gathered (in AR01PB) you need the "Ring from the Grave" ("NTKEYPB2") and the "Rusted Dagger" ("NTKEYPB3"). The Ring from the Grave you get in AR61PB, the Black Hand Cult Temple from their leader Brother Draagis. To get there, you need to first save Reedrig from a cave in east Field's of the Dead and talk to him again with a letter after fighting the original game demon in Ulgoth's Beard. The Rusted Dagger you find in Haeball's desc (AR9001).


To enter the crypt at the west side of the Field of the Dead (AR10PB), you need to have the Holy Symbol of Helm from the Citadel where Duke Eltan sends you to investigate ("NTMISC08").

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28 March 2020 - 01:42 PM

In order to gain access to the Druid Circle cave, I need the Guardian Wardstone (along with the hand of Helm).

I *think* this is DSotSC, not NTotSC?


ccording to the ancient walkthrough, to gain access to the Orc King's tomb, I need a dagger and ring; I have both.  But how do I use them to gain entry?

Having them in the inventory both should be enough?... What happens if you klick on the entry to the tomb?

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27 March 2020 - 12:20 PM

Friendship track seems to be broken: https://www.gibberli...&comment=278860